episode 48: 3 reasons to trademark

Are you wondering if Trademarking is worth the time and investment, or are you on the fence about Trademarking? When you legally protect your brand with a registered Trademark, you increase your professionalism and credibility in the world.

You might be asking: What is Trademarking? Do I really NEED to Trademark? What exactly SHOULD I trademark? WHEN should I trademark? How does the PROCESS work? In this episode you’ll learn 3 reasons to Trademark your brand.

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in this episode you’ll learn:

  • 3 reasons why Trademarking can protect your brand
  • What Trademarking has to do with the value and the integrity of your brand
  • 3 ways your brand is critical to your business
  • The 2 types of value of your brand (you need both!)
  • How you can use Trademarking to create asset for your business that’s worth money
  • What legal action to take if other people steal your stuff
  • Why I align Trademarks to the crown chakra



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DIY Cease & Desist Letter

Step 1: Trademark Search

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