episode 51: Linda Whiteman on 3 ways
to recycle your money & uplevel your lifestyle

Ever wanted to go on a luxurious vacation in Paris, Italy, or Costa Rica using airline upgrades and credit card reward points… spending just $250 out of pocket? That’s exactly what Linda Whiteman teaches people how to do by blending her expertise in money, real estate, travel and living debt-free.

I invited Linda to this episode to share 3 ways you may not have thought about to “recycle your money” and uplevel your lifestyle while keeping more of your money in your own pocket.

listen to the podcast here:

more about Linda:

Linda Whiteman is a college professor who holds an MBA and frequently consults on how to build wealth while being mindful, developing entrepreneurship, and finding your purpose. She believes the key to wealth is living a minimalist lifestyle, taking vacations, and knowing yourself.  

in this episode Lisa & Linda share:

  • What it means to “recycle your money”
  • How to travel on a budget and maximize reward points  
  • Why you need to truly understand your finances and credit card programs   
  • The value of smart spending through minimalism
  • How to get great brand name shoes and clothing at a fraction of the cost
  • Ways to invest in yourself to upgrade your lifestyle
  • The power of mindfulness


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