episode 55: Gina Gomez on 3 ways
to be more inclusive in business

In this day and age, it is so important for diverse voices to be heard. However, many businesses continue to struggle with issues relating to race, gender, ability, age, marital status, religion and more. 

In this episode I speak with Gina Gomez about 3 ways business owners and entrepreneurs can start to address inclusivity and diversity.    

listen to the podcast here:

in this episode Gina & I discuss:

  • The value of treating everyone like a VIP
  • How to be more aware of the impact your words and marketing have on others
  • Tip #1: Be deliberate and be gentle
  • How to educate yourself and be open to making mistakes
  • Tip #2: Start on the inside
  • How to look at how you’re addressing the problem and the solution
  • Tip #3: Take consistent action
  • How to find ways to genuinely represent and support diverse communities
  • The importance of understanding your intention for supporting inclusivity and diversity


more about Gina:

Gina Gomez is the Founder & Owner of Gina Gomez & Associates. With a proven track record and experience, Gina works with clients to create a profitable and sustainable business, where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and included. She’s a music junkie, meditator, motivator, feminist, and world traveler and she enjoys smart, funny people. Referred to as “the Olivia Pope of the personal development industry”, Gina is a Business Strategist & Advisor working with some of the most well-known and well-respected public figures in the online business world. After building a successful 20+ year career working with key accounts and top talent in Corporate America, Gina took her results-oriented business philosophy, critical thinking approach, and knack for developing relationships and started teaching business owners strategies to improve customer satisfaction while increasing the bottom line.


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