episode 75: Freda Salamy on how to
reverse a “shame attack”

Moving energy through your body to clear trauma is critical for being able to move forward in your business. Sometimes we’re not even aware of small traumas can have a lasting effect. 

In this episode, I’ve invited Freda Salamy, MA, MFT to share 3 tips on how to bypass the brain to reverse a “shame attack” and other trauma in the body so you can get out of your own way and show up confidently in your business to have the life and business you truly want.

listen to the podcast here:

more about Freda:

Freda Salamy, MA, MFT is a licensed body-centered trauma therapist and Holistic Health Life Coach. She specializes in guiding clients through both revealing and healing emotional trauma held in the mind, body and soul so they can finally have the life they want.

Freda is the creator of Invoke and Release®, a powerful healing modality that allows for deep letting go in an accelerated way, and the founder of The Rejuvenated You, an online platform with the signature course, Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success. This deep dive course enables rapid healing, and The Rejuvenated You Healing Circle Membership allows for long-term mastery and support to learn tools, heal and integrate the pain of your past. Years of Freda’s mindfulness and meditation practice, professional trainings and personal transformation shine through with her work with clients.

Freda also has a private psychotherapy and international coaching practice on video. You can learn more about her courses at TheRejuvenatedYou.com and her healing circle membership at FredaSalamy.com.

in this episode Lisa and Freda share:

  • The importance of inner healing work so you can show up for yourself and others
  • A visualization practice to help you feel less intimidated by your emotions
  • Tip #1: Ask yourself “What am I feeling right now?” Name the emotion and number it on a scale of 1-10.   
  • Tip #2: Tapping on your thymus to allow your mind to feel what you feel and breathe into it until you feel calm.
  • Tip #3: Think about something that creates peace for you, like a word or an experience that makes you feel good and breathe.  
  • What it means to activate your frontal lobe and why it’s important to access this part of your brain
  • What a “shame attack” is – and how to reverse it when it happens
  • Why trauma looks and feels different for everyone
  • Why Freda believes in legal documents and why she trademarked her brand
  • Why you should feel aligned with the coaches, healers, and people you bring into your life


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