episode 94: Cheryl Giambattista on detoxifying
your beauty products

“Clean beauty” is gaining popularity but what does it really mean? I met Cheryl Giambattista at a health coaching event and I’ve asked her to share her incredible knowledge about why she’s such a big believer in making simple swaps in your favorite recipes – and reducing your toxic load by using clean beauty products that love your body from the outside in!

listen to the podcast here:

more about Cheryl:

Cheryl Giambattista is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach and Clean Beauty Advocate. With more than 10 years experience in health coaching, plus 2 Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Education, Cheryl is the Founder of her “Health Coach Cheryl” business and the “Simple Swaps to Slim Down Program” which helps you achieve your healthiest and leanest body you’ve ever had. 

Cheryl’s journey into holistic health began after her son was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 4. As devastating as that experience was, Cheryl saw first-hand the difference good nutrition and lowering your toxic load makes for good health. As a wife of 30 years to Nick and a mom of 6 children, a coach and business owner, Cheryl knows how important it is to focus on health, fitness, and nutrition—especially when life is busy, and as women’s hormones change. And, Cheryl helps women and families make the swap to clean beauty so they’re using products with no toxic load to help their bodies live cleaner, healthier and happier lives.

in this episode Lisa and Cheryl share:

  • How Cheryl incorporates the idea of “simple swaps” in all aspects of life 
  • How Cheryl’s son’s Leukemia diagnosis led her to health coaching 
  • What inspired Cheryl to turn to “clean beauty” and focus on the body from the outside in 
  • What many consumers do not know about everyday beauty products
  • Cheryl’s experience searching for clean beauty products and what she discovered
  • How one company is lobbying to get the laws changed in the US and Canada to outlaw some of the 1,400 toxic ingredients used in most beauty products
  • The ingredients used (and not used!) in Beautycounter products 


Download Cheryl’s free Beauty Detox Meal Plan to learn how nutritious, whole foods can help you look your best naturally and see what an entire week’s worth of delicious, filling meals looks like so you can eat your way to feeling your best ever! Grab it at Meal Plan Detox.


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