{Webinar Today] Exactly How to Attract More of What You Want

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Blog

I have a game-changer for you. A ring-dinger. A paradigm shifter.

Here it is…

It may seem strange at first, but when we create better boundaries, we can attract more of what we want.

Yep! It sounds paradoxical, but it’s true.

When we align our decisions with our values and what’s important to us, we focus our attention, time, and energy on our own needs, our own income, and our own joy.

All that is NOT those things just falls away.

(Told ya. #ringdinger)

We create more spaciousness, more freedom, and more room to receive more income.

We attract more opportunities to do what fills our soul and more time with those we love.

We fill up our fuel tanks so we have enough fuel to also care for others.

Not only that, but I believe that when we set clear boundaries and policies, we’re better able to energetically attract those who will comply with our boundaries or policies.

Those who value what we value will be drawn to work with us because we share a common belief system.

Simply put, like attracts like.

Not only that, but when you set forth clear expectations and boundaries around HOW you work with your clients, you are strengthening your own energetic boundaries and drawing lines that allow you to stand as a leader in your business.

When you get clear in your marketing and communications, you shift who you attract.

That’s why I’m so excited to talk with Amy Lippmann, Founder of Marketing for Health Coaches, about how to “DEFINE BOUNDARIES” and the sacral chakra TODAY at 1 pm ET / 10am PT.


This is webinar #2 of the (free) Grow with Grace series – my gift to you to help you build a soulful business with love and to hear how I’ve done it over the past few years and my guest experts have done it with their businesses too.



Join me TODAY as I talk with Amy so you can walk away with better boundaries, clearer marketing and greater ease in attracting what you want.

Save your seat HERE for TODAY’s webinar and the entire webinar series.

I look forward to seeing you *live* on the webinar!