[Free Legal Love Series] How to protect your online group program as you pivot

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Terms of Use

I wanted to give you some FREE LEGAL LOVE from now through April 30.

With all that’s going on with the coronavirus, I said to Heather Lienenbrugger (my COO & Lead Coach) the other day:

“For the month of April, I just want to make people’s lives EASIER with FREE legal tips. All I want to do is GIVE, GIVE, GIVE so they can get their businesses online right now.”

She agreed 100%. 

So, get comfy in your favorite chair with your kitty in your lap, and get ready to learn more about how to protect your online biz in this new environment…gratis! 

As you pivot your business or create more offers online, you may want to create an online group program or course.

But don’t forget to legally protect it too!

You might be wondering, “So what legal terms do I need to protect my online program and my income from it?”

Here’s your Legal Love Tip:

If you’re selling an online group program through your website, during checkout, have your purchasers agree to your sales terms. Your sales terms are called your Terms of Use



I did an entire podcast episode (just 16 minutes!) about how Terms of Use help you because I get so many questions about it.

Have a quick listen to learn how your Terms of Use protect your income and your work.

Your Terms of Use can create clear ownership lines and energetic boundaries with your clients so they know the value of your group program.

It also tells them what they can – and can’t – do with your program content.

Listen to Episode 5 of the Legally Enlightened Podcast through my website here.

After listening to this episode you’ll know:

  • What are Terms of Use?
  • When do you use Terms of Use?
  • 2 HUGE Reasons You Need Terms of Use and how they protect you
  • WHERE do you put the Terms of Use?
  • Why I align Terms of Use with the throat chakra

(If you don’t have Terms of Use in place yet, you can find out more about how to get them here.)

Here’s to creating a new online program during this crazy coronavirus time and to using Terms of Use to protect your content and your income!!