Avoid the financial stuff? Check this out (Free Legal Webinar Tomorrow)

by | Oct 4, 2017 | LLC & S-Corp

Do you avoid the financial stuff?

Have no money – or a lot of money – and don’t like dealing with the “money stuff”.

No idea how to plan for your taxes?

Don’t feel taken seriously as a business owner?

Are YOU not taking YOURSELF seriously as a business owner?

Yeah. These are common financial woes. Your money – or lack thereof – can feel like a problem that you don’t want to deal with. I get it.

Even though I now have a thriving multi-6 figure business, for YEARS I was mired in substantial debt.

Like serious debt. TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in debt. I was single at the time and making a small fortune at the law firm and spent a LOT of money on Kate Spade purses at Nordstrom and MAC lipgloss at Sephora. (Yes, it’s possible to have over 100 lip glosses at one time!) #profitproblems

Now, I’ve tightened up my money leaks, gotten clearer priorities, and paid off my debt.

It took time and energy and focus, but I now have greater appreciation and protection for my money so that I control it – and it doesn’t control me. #moneylove #profitprotection

If you’re just starting out with making money, or you’re making over 6 figures, you want to know how to protect your income on the legal front. It’s time to get Profit Protected!


  • Feeling COMFORTABLE dealing with your finances
  • Having KNOWLEDGE about your legal options as a business owner
  • Having AWARENESS about how to plan for taxes
  • Feeling like a PROFESSIONAL in your business
  • Being CONFIDENT that you can be taken seriously

Join Gena and me tomorrow at 2 pm ET for our final free webinar: From Profit Problems To Profit Protected!



Save your seat for the webinar here.

You’re going to learn:

  • What “corporate entities” are – and when you need them
  • How to know if an LLC or S-Corp is right for you
  • How to feel like a professional in your business – because you’re showing up with greater financial confidence

We want to make protecting your profit simple and give you a solid legal (and financial!) foundation as a business owner. We’ll be talking about limited liability companies (otherwise known as LLCs) and other business entities so you can figure out if you need one now – or it can wait.

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Join us for the webinar TOMORROW at 2pm ET here.

(If you can’t make it, the webinar will be recorded but you’ll miss out on the super sparkly bonus that can save you moolah!)

Gena and I can’t wait to see you there!

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