Congratulations on having a Legal Chat
to ask your legal questions!

Please watch the 3-minute video below to learn your next steps
(or you can read the video transcript below.)

Congratulations on having a Legal Chat with my team to ask your legal questions!

I have reviewed your information and my recommendation for your next step is a Functional Medicine 90-minute Power Hour – a paid phone consultation with me to help you get clear on how to proceed in a legally SAFE way.

I created this highly focused, solutions-oriented consultation just for people like you – practitioners who have been finding it challenging to get straight answers on questions like:

  • How can I include lab tests and supplements in my practice?
  • What kind of title am I allowed to use?
  • When do I have to follow HIPAA?
  • How can I legally work with people across state lines?
  • What kind of insurance do I need?

I’m one of very few lawyers in the country who is a former health care lawyer in a large corporate law firm working with hospitals and medical practitioners…AND I’m a health coach and life coach trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and CoachU.

For the past 10 years I’ve worked with health coaches and licensed medical practitioners in the online space.

I’ve worked with (literally) hundreds of practitioners who have gotten the clarity they need through a Power Hour with me.

Our time together is the most efficient way to help you avoid…

  • putting yourself (or your income!) in jeopardy.
  • making a risky mistake and winging it or “guessing” if you’re doing it right.
  • getting investigated because you’re doing labs or offering supplements illegally.
  • using the wrong title and getting in trouble.
  • violating nutrition laws.
  • being accused of practicing medicine without a license (or putting a license at risk!)

I will guide you on exactly how to proceed in ways that keep you legally protected so you can expand your reach with confidence.

Clients have shared with me that other lawyers have quoted them $12,000 and up – just to research this topic!

During the Functional Medicine 90-minute Power Hour you will get the answers you need in just 90 minutes – at a much much lower fee.

Your next step is to click the link below to fill out the Functional Medicine 90-minute Power Hour Prep Sheet and complete the checkout process.

Then, watch for an email to arrive with a link to my calendar. You’ll want to book the first available time that works for you since my schedule fills up quickly. I’m not just saying that – it’s actually true.

Prior to our call, I will review your answers in your Prep Sheet above and what you shared during your Legal Chat so we can get right to the clarity you seek.

KUDOS to you for taking steps to get CLEAR on the legal front for your business. I am honored to support you and excited to talk with you soon.

Here’s to getting legally covered!

With Legal Love™,