[FREE WEBINAR TOMORROW] Get clear on your Client Contract to avoid headaches with clients

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Blog

Okay, my friend, it’s time to fess up…

Are you using something you cut and pasted from the internet? (Oh boy!)

Did you copy someone else’s contract and make tweaks to use it for yourself? (Eeeeks!)

Do you even have a contract? (Dum, dum dum…)

Don’t worry. This is a #judgmentfreezone. We don’t judge you – we just want to legally love you up!

That’s why my Legal Wonder Twin Gena Shingle Jaffe and I are hosting a free webinar tomorrow at 2 pm ET. We’re answering the questions we get asked all the time about “What does your Client Contract really need to say?”

Register for the webinar here.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What your Client Contract really needs to include (and what it DOESN’T!)
  • Why using a Client Contract keeps you from having headaches with clients
  • What you can fall back on when a client gives you “the dog ate my homework” excuses to explain why they miss calls or payments

You’ll get the details about what REALLY needs to be in your Client Contract to protect yourself – and what isn’t so essential.

Gena and I are all about giving you info to EMPOWER you to be a strong, confident leader in your business.

We want you to have the right legal tools to protect your income as your work with your clients so you don’t have to chase money, waste time, or stress out when they text you on weekends.

Register here to learn what needs to be in your Client Contract TOMORROW at 2pm ET.

(Can’t make it live? No worries! Register and we will send out the recording within 24 hours.)

You’ll also hear about our signature legal course, Damsel goes bare™ – the LIVE course and self-study version – for small business babes (and gents!) who like their legal knowledge served up with a side of personalized soul and sparkle.

Can’t wait to see you on the webinar tomorrow so you can get easy to understand legal info to protect your income!