Are you hosting a live event (or planning to host one soon?) Read this.

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Blog, Disclaimers & Waivers

Do you host live events?

Do you like speaking at live events?  It took me a while to get over my nerves to speak at events (to say the least!), but now I love teaching from the stage. In late June, I spoke at Dr. Keesha Ewers’ Social Media Bootcamp in Seattle. In the next 2 months, I’ll be speaking at:

  • Camp GLP for summer camp-loving entrepreneurs hosted by Jonathan Fields (yes, THAT Jonathan Fields!) – August 24-27- Rock Hill, NY (90 minutes from NYC).
  • Flourish & Thrive LIVE for creative jewelry designers hosted by Tracy Matthews & Robin Kramer – September 16-17 – New York City.
  • From Passion to Profit LIVE for glam experienced entrepreneurs hosted by Carolin Soldo – September 29-October 1 – Las Vegas at the Bellagio! (watch your e-mail for a HUGE legal bonus for this one!).

(ALL of these events are going to ROCK, so check them all out and come up your game as an entrepreneur or biz owner!!)

As an event organizer, you want the event to be, well… clear and organized. With all of the event details in writing.

You want to nail down the details in writing for your speakers, but also for your event attendees, and any sponsors or vendors.

Like whether you’re hosting a conversational, workshop-style or a formal presentation in a big ballroom. Or what time your speakers are on the agenda so they’ll be ready to go rather than be standing in line at Starbucks ordering a cold Shaken Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion. Or how many shout outs your event sponsors will receive at the event. Or whether your vendors will get a full skirted table or just half a table to display their essential oils and samples.

These details sound minor, but when you’re running an event, confusion about these small details are what cause huge headaches and hassles. They are what create a top-notch, professional high vibe that elevates your brand – or a HOT MESS.

This is where your legal documents come in.

Now there’s an easy way to get you all of the documents you need to cover your buns for your live event AND save money…the Live Event Package bundle!



The Live Event Package includes:

  • DIY Speaker Agreement (for live event or conference) – to create clarity about the event details for you and your event speakers.
  • DIY Event Waiver (for your attendees to sign) – to have your attendees agree to your event terms and limit your liability as the host of your event.
  • DIY Corporate Sponsor Agreement – to secure corporate contributions and make it clear what recognition and publicity you are giving your Corporate Sponsors.
  • DIY Vendor Agreement – to contain all the details between you and your event vendors so that your vendors know what their display space looks like and when they can access the venue to set up and sell their stuff.

Why do you need it?

  • So that you are protected in PRACTICAL ways with written legal language to fall back on.
  • So that your attendees, vendors, corporate sponsors and speakers know the “rules of the game” right from the start.
  • So that you are clear about what’s your responsibility and liability as the host for the event – and what’s not.
  • So that you are protected SPIRITUALLY by raising your energetic frequency to attract more of what you want and EXPANDING your money, creativity, and abundance.

And you can feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to create the event of your dreams knowing your legal docs have your back.

Learn more and purchase the Live Event Package here.



Here’s how my clients Keri Nola & Lloyd Burnett elevated their vibe with legal protection. They’ve hosted multiple live events and retreats for therapists and healers and knew that getting their legal docs in place would make them feel supported and protected:

Retreats are deeply sacred experiences for us. Gathering in community to witness and awaken together has shown us time and time again the power of being seen and heard that creates a special frequency for healing magic.

Our work is expanding by leaps and bounds. Each new legal document that Lisa creates for our business, gives us permission to elevate our soul mission to its next level. After hiring Lisa we realized how “small and safe” we had been playing it for fear of legal ramifications. However, with the loving legal protections Lisa helped us put in place, it created the sacred container we needed to fully surrender to the work we’re here to do.”





Keri Nola & Lloyd Burnett
Co-Founders of
& Hosts of Retreats for Healers

Are you hosting a live event soon? Do you have your legal buns covered? I’d love to hear about your event and if you’ve got your legal ducks in a row. Feel free to comment below to share with me.

Here’s to going big with a live event and covering your buns as you do it!