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by | Nov 7, 2023 | Blog

Since I launched my DIY Legal Templates over 7 years ago, I’ve been hearing over and over again from clients:

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” (No joke, multiple times!)

“Now I can afford to get legal documents designed by an attorney who’s also a coach!”

My whole goal in creating templates is to make it easy to get legal docs you need to protect your income, content, and brand… at a much lower rate than most attorneys charge.

Clients have told me that…

  • lawyers have charged them $12,000 just to RESEARCH a legal document for them.
  • their family lawyers don’t understand “coaching”, online courses, or shopping carts.
  • my DIY Legal Templates have saved them HOURS of time & THOUSANDS of dollars.
  • most importantly, they’ve felt SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD by me.

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If you’re new to using my DIY Legal Templates, here are the top 5 questions that my team and I get asked all the time:

1. “Will the templates work for ME?”

My DIY Legal Templates are specifically designed for service-based entrepreneurs, like coaches, holistic practitioners and licensed practitioners. For example, they include medical disclaimers (so no one thinks you’re practicing medicine as a coach!), clear refund policies, and strong – but loving – boundaries.

2. “WHEN should I use a DIY Legal Template?”

We have over 50 DIY legal templates for so many situations – like when you work with 1-on-1 clients, group programs, online courses, hybrid/combo courses, websites, overnight retreats or events, affiliates, joint ventures… the list goes on and on!

3. “Can I REALLY fill in a DIY Legal Template by myself?”

Yes, you totally can! They’re easy fill-in-the-blanks. We have notes in the document indicating where to add info about your business, services, pricing, etc. Each template is written in plain English so you can feel confident and clear you know what it says – and your clients will too! And they come with a short audio guide for extra support to walk you through the document, paragraph by paragraph.

4. “Why are Lisa’s templates better than FREE templates I can find?”

Well, not all legal documents are done well. Just sayin’.😉

Not only that, but you could use a template randomly found online – and not realize it’s totally WRONG for your industry.

Once a health coach client came to me after buying a template on some random website. She didn’t realize she’d purchased a template for a CONSTRUCTION company that talked about a “worksite” and “change orders” and “machinery”. She was probably too busy and just didn’t notice the details.🙈

Always work with an attorney who understands YOU and what you DO. Be sure you’re using documents designed for your industry and that they include what YOU need.

Because I’m a former health care attorney AND trained as a health and life coach, I “get” the work that you do. I know what you need to be covered.

5. “What if I have questions about which templates I need?”

Bring ‘em to me tomorrow on Zoom! 🙂

Join me live TOMORROW for a free 1-Hour LIVE Group Q&A Call on Zoom right HERE at 10am PT/ 11am MT /12pm CT / 1pm ET.

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No need to sign up in advance. Just mark your calendar, bring your questions, and join me live! 👏

I’ll address as many general questions as I can in a laser-like way so you can happily hop off Zoom, head to my website, get your templates, and save moolah! 💸

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Here’s to getting legally covered and see you tomorrow!