Getting clients from social media? Here’s what you need to understand legally…

by | Mar 11, 2021 | DIY Legal Master Classes

Whether you have a love or hate relationship with social media, it’s a powerful way to find clients as an online business owner. 

Social media – whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok, Clubhouse or others – allows you to have an amazing platform to interact with your clients and potential clients.

Just take my client Cara. (Not her real name, of course, but true story).

Cara calls herself a Clear Skin Coach who helps women with acne (and now maskne!) get glowing skin through diet and lifestyle – instead of creams and treatments. She’s obsessed with posting posts and stories on Instagram about getting clear skin.

It’s no wonder that she is drawing interest from all over the world through Instagram.

Women from different states and countries are reaching out to work with Cara because they’ve “tried everything else” and “just want to clear up their skin”.

Cara reached out to me because she wanted to understand which laws would apply to her before she started taking on out-of-state women as clients.

She didn’t want to cross any lines or get into hot water, but she didn’t know how it worked legally when she’s located in one state and her clients are elsewhere.

I shared with Cara that I get questions like hers all the time (no exaggeration here)… and that’s exactly why I created a new DIY Legal Master Class called: “Which Laws Do I Follow When I See Clients Virtually?”



I told Cara that there are a few things she needs to know and a few steps to take when it comes to which laws apply to her. She needed to have a business address, use a contract, and more.

Cara felt a sense of relief knowing she could get a clear understanding about the law – just like how she helped clients get clear skin.  🙂

She’s not alone. My clients tell me over and over that they have gone from being terrified of the law to feeling safe & secure to create whatever they want in their biz after they get clear.

If you need clarity around which laws apply to you when you attract clients on social media from all over the world, this easy-to-understand DIY Legal Master Class can help.

Learn more about which laws apply to you here.

Clarity is key.

If you went to a local attorney for these answers, they would probably charge you 5X this amount – and they still may not give you all the information you need.

It’s always been my mission to give you bite-sized legal tips in an affordable way so that you can raise your biz vibe and free yourself from legal worries like this one.

Learn more for only $97 here. 

Here’s to Cara’s work in helping people get clear skin – and to getting clear about the law!

If you’re a licensed practitioner who wants to see patients virtually or work with clients across state lines… please contact us directly at as this class isn’t designed for these situations. We have other resources to help you.