Give your brand greater value with a Trademark. Here’s how.

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Trademark & Copyright

Right now, I’m sitting here at my desk looking at my Macbook Air and I see the Apple logo. I’m holding my Starbucks mug of warm tea and seeing their highly-recognized green mermaid logo. I’m wearing my black Lululemon yoga pants and see their upside-down horseshoe logo on my pant leg.

Trademarked logos and brand names are EVERYWHERE. They’re right in front of us every day.

Registered Trademarks are ASSETS for a business…and they can have MONETARY value.

Basically, Trademarking is all about protecting your BRAND.

That’s why Trademarking is so important: To protect your brand if Copycats and Swipers try to copy your branding or steal your brand power.

Not only can Trademarks protect your brand if a Copycat uses it, but it also gives your brand greater VALUE by being registered through the USPTO.

Have you been thinking about Trademarking YOUR brand – like your logo or your business name?

Not sure exactly what you SHOULD Trademark – or whether it’s worth the cost? 

Curious to learn more about Trademarking and how to get started?

Check out the new DIY Legal Master Class called “How Do I Get Started With Trademarking?”



Learn more in this Master Class about how to Trademark your brand HERE.

This class helps you know whether it’s time to dive into filing for a registered Trademark.

It takes you through the “3 P” Trademark Test. It highlights what steps to take to begin Trademarking. It helps you get clear about how to start the process.

If you’re passionate and concerned about someone else snagging your name, or coming up with the same name, Trademarking is completely worth it to protect your brand, intellectual property and creative work. Hands down.

When you Trademark your unique name, logo or tagline, not only do you gain certain legal rights in PRACTICAL ways, but SPIRITUALLY, it’s a crowning achievement which connects your brand to the larger marketplace and supports your crown chakra.

Here’s to feeling more empowered around the value of Trademarking, and discovering whether you have something to Trademark now or later!