Happy Holidays (and I’m so proud of you!)

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Blog

Giving yourself peace of mind through legal protection is one of the biggest presents you can give yourself and your business.

I remember my good friend used to say this to me when I was pining about an old boyfriend after a heart-wrenching breakup…”don’t give him rent-free space in your mind!”

Worrying or stressing about doing something wrong in your biz or getting in trouble is like pining about an old boyfriend. You’re giving Worry and Stress “rent-free space in your mind!”

Legal documents free you so you have more energy and focus for what you want going forward. You can relax because you know your legal documents have your back.

I truly believe that using legal documents are like giving your business these gifts (all wrapped up with a bow!):


Doesn’t that feel good?

If you’ve gotten DIY Legal Templates this year to protect your income…
If you’ve registered a Trademark to protect your brand…
If you’ve put your website up with your legal terms in the footer of your site…

CONGRATULATIONS to you on taking these legal protections to honor your income, your business and your brand this year!

Enjoy the slower pace of the holidays and then get ready to start DREAMING about even BIGGER ways that you want to serve, teach, inspire and lead in 2022… in a way that feels ease-filled and good to you.

You’re up to big things, my friend… and, for as much as you’ve accomplished this year, you know you’re really just getting started, right?

The world needs you and your message…now more than ever!

Sit back and drink your (dairy-free) eggnog and enjoy the holidays… and then get ready for a fantastic new year ahead!



I am wishing you all the best this holiday season from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Holidays to you and those you love!