Here’s the scoop about Apple’s recent privacy changes.

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Privacy Policy

Lately the theme that has been coming up over and over again is changing PRIVACY laws.

(If you missed my email earlier this week about another recent change to a privacy law that may affect you, click here for my update about the California Consumer Privacy Act.)

You may have heard that Apple is making changes to their iOS privacy policy.

What’s the Apple iOS privacy change?

The new change affects the open rate of your e-newsletters by making it harder for you to know whether someone has read your messages.


here's the scoop about apple's recent privacy changes


Two things to know:

1. You used to be able to tell when someone opened your email by looking at the stats of who has opened your email and who hasn’t. Now you won’t be able to know that info. It’s a bummer, I know.

2. You used to be able to know the IP address of your readers. Now Apple keeps the IP address of the reader protected so you can’t tell their location, or connect them to any other online activities.

These changes might feel good to you as a consumer – but they’re not so great as a biz owner with an email distribution list.

Many biz owners rely on open rates to give feedback about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and communications with readers.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that it’s harder to track open rates.

Here’s the good news: You’ll still be able to track “who clicks on what” by including live hyperlinks in your e-newsletters. You can track the hyperlinks – also known as the “click-through rates.”

The downside is that you may have people reading your messages who aren’t clicking through to a link. So you won’t want to just “scrub” your list and remove everyone who doesn’t click through because you may have raving fans who love your emails but just aren’t clicking any links (yet).

What else can you do?

You’ll still always want to get consent from readers when they sign up to receive your e-newsletters and then try to engage them as much as possible.

From a RELATIONSHIP perspective, here are some ideas to keep readers opening your emails:

1. Provide value.

Keep your readers opening your messages by writing emails which provide value to your readers. Tell them substantive info – like the “how”, not just the “what and the why”, to improve their business or life. Give them info that they find engaging and interesting and helpful.

2. Share FREE tips.

Give them useful tips – not superficial fluffy ones! Share free resources like short podcast episodes or links to free gifts. Share WHY these resources are helpful and what they’ll get out of reading them.

Believe me, EVERYONE likes free stuff. Even my multi-million dollar clients like FREE gifts. Everyone likes to be cared for with free information – as long as it’s useful and worth their time to read/know.

(BTW, speaking of sharing free tips, if you haven’t ever downloaded my free gift – a guide to tell you whether your refund policy is legally strong or it has holes – you can get it here.)

3. Speak from the heart.

Be sure your clients can feel your love and know that you care about them. Even if you’re “selling something” or promoting an affiliate who you stand behind, you can still do it with authenticity and love.

Your readers can FEEL whether you’re sharing your values or speaking your truth. (That’s why I try to write my emails with Legal Love™!)

4. Tell readers exactly how to purchase helpful resources.

Tell people specifically how they can purchase your services and share the link to your service RIGHT THEN so they don’t have to go searching your website for how to buy it.

That’s right, I said it. I know, you might feel resistance to this concept or think that it’s a “pushy” sales tactic. It’s not to be pushy. For busy people, this actually can be KIND because you’re making it very convenient for your reader to get what they need quickly. You’re helping them by saving them time so they don’t have to hunt for your service on your website – you’re making it FASTER and EASIER for them…which is a GIFT to them.

You might notice that I do this often by sharing links to the DIY Legal Templates. My clients THANK me all the time for making it easy to know what to spend their money on (and what not to!) and how to quickly get the legal docs they need to protect themselves, their biz and their brands.

5. Use humor, tell stories, and make your emails funny and enjoyable.

True confession… As you can probably tell, I’m not the best storyteller on the planet. Law school teaches you to share “just the facts, ma’am” so I’m all about emails that TEACH something succinctly. I do try to infuse my personality into most emails and share client stories, but I’m no master storyteller… for sure.

However, on an emotional level, telling stories is very effective. Since this area isn’t my jam, I want to refer you to my friend-and-former-mastermind-sister Licia Morelli. Licia is a multi-talented, award-winning published author of several books, and a wonderful copywriter.

This email is written to address the legal and relationship perspectives about Apple’s new privacy changes, but Licia recently wrote a blog post from the COPYWRITING perspective about how to write better emails in this new Apple privacy climate.

Check out Licia Morelli’s recent post here about ways to write effective emails and “play by the new Apple privacy rules”.

(Um, Licia doesn’t even know I’m sharing her blog post with you, but do you see how I’m linking this email to a free, helpful resource? I’m modeling what I’m sharing here… because I know that I appreciate it when others share great resources with me… and Licia is a great resource!)

Do you have questions about these – or other – privacy law changes? Feel free to comment below. We’re happy to help you.

Here’s to getting the scoop about the new Apple iOS changes – and to shifting with the changing privacy tides!