If you are ready to hire a team member

like a virtual assistant or graphic designer,

it’s key to have a written agreement in place.

Now you can save money on multiple agreements with

with the Hiring A Team Package.

what is the hiring a team package?

The Hiring A Team Package saves you money when you are ready to hire contractors. It includes:

DIY Agreement for Hiring a Virtual Assistant – to lay out how you will work with your Virtual Assistant, what tasks you need help with and how and when you will make payments.

DIY Agreement for Hiring a Graphic Designer – to lay out how you will work with your Graphic Designer, what kind of graphics you need help with and how and when you will pay you will make payments.

DIY Independent Contractor Agreement – to lay out a broader, more general agreement that sets out what services other Independent Contractors will be providing.

why do you need it?

Heart Bullet So you and your contractor can both feel CLEAR and COMFORTABLE as to what you’re agreeing to.

Heart Bullet So you can set forth the requirements and expectations of both of you.

Heart Bullet So you can ensure you are both on the same page right from the outset.

Heart Bullet So you have tight legal language to fall back on in writing.

Heart Bullet So you can distinguish between an Independent Contractor and Employee (Note that there’s a huge legal – and practical – distinction between an the two!)

And you can feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to create anything that you want!

what’s included?

Each DIY template includes:

  • Legal Template – for you to download and complete

Heart Bullet Thorough – but simple to personalize for your business

Heart Bullet In plain English so it’s easy to understand

Heart Bullet Created with deep care and Legal Love™

  • Audio Guide – to walk you through the template. You fill in the blanks and it’s ready to use! In just 1 hour, you will learn:

Heart Bullet What it says and where to customize it

Heart Bullet How it protects you

Heart Bullet When to use it

Heart Bullet How to use it

This DIY package is designed to give you legal templates that you can customize on your own and use immediately on your site. Know that it won’t create an attorney-client relationship between us and it is not personalized legal advice, but it’s an easy way to get your Agreement for Hiring A Virtual Assistant, Agreement for Hiring a Graphic Designer and Independent Contractor Agreement in place quickly… with lots of Legal Love™!

can I really do it myself?

Yes, you can! Every DIY legal template is written in plain English and can be completed in 60 minutes or less.
Listen to the audio guide and follow along as I read the document aloud, and you’ll easily see where to fill in the blanks for your business.

the investment?

 one payment of $897

three payments of $299

Important Note:
Please note that these documents are legal templates to complete and personalize yourself. They do not create an attorney-client relationship and are not to be construed as legal advice. Always have a local attorney review any legal document that you use in your business to be sure they comply with your state and local laws. Lisa is licensed as an attorney in the State of Ohio.

“Lisa shifted so much of my fear!”

Lisa shifted my fear of all the legal terms, fear of being a coach and possibly being responsible “for” my clients, fear of putting myself out there and actually getting clients, fear of the entire enrollment process, just a fear that kept me stuck at zero clients, zero dollars.

I used to be SO scared of reading contracts and legal papers, and now it’s like “oh yeah, I understand that, and so do my clients!”

Katya Sarmiento

Authentic Technology Coach and Owner of Kat Web Designs

“I was tempted to go with the free legal information available online, but am SO I glad I didn’t.”

The personal involvement, care, explanation and follow through Lisa provides gave me a level of assurance that I never could have gotten otherwise.

Robin Arutt, M.Ed., HC

Founder, Full Potential Living® & HappyHealthyThyroid™

have questions?

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(Note that this does not include a legal review
of your document.)

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