Hi there!

So glad you want to get legally covered!

You are building a successful business. It’s so important to legally protect yourself, your business and your brand right now, as you grow – not just when you “get big”.

Why? Because getting legally covered protects your hard work and the beautiful business you’ve been working your buns off to build. You don’t want to leave it legally naked or exposed.

You want a strong legal base to hold and support your business so you are protected in practical ways with strong documents that have your back, but also in energetic ways so you have clear boundaries and a high vibe biz.

You may know exactly what you need – or you may have no idea.  Either way, have no worries!

It’s easy to figure out the RIGHT steps for YOUR business so you can feel safe, secure, confident and empowered – with lots of Legal Love™.

You have 3 options to get started:

Option 1:

Whether you’re brand new or you’re a seasoned pro, you know you need a legal document now and you want to save money, do it yourself, and get it done yesterday.

Check out a wide variety of DIY Legal Templates – contracts, disclaimers, website documents, and more – that you can set up 24/7 and faster than you can watch Super Soul Sunday!

Here are common legal worries & the legal templates you need:

“I have a website with no legal language to protect me.”
You need a DIY Website Disclaimer as your base layer of legal protection (your first step!) so that people don’t get confused about what you do and come after you.

“I have 1:1 clients – don’t need something in writing?”
You need a DIY Client Agreement for your 1:1 programs so your clients show up for you at their best – and pay you!

“I’m a solopreneur and I don’t know how to set up my business or what to do about taxes.”
You need DIY Sole Proprietor Biz Registration & Taxes with a checklist to set your business up right and get clear about taxes.

“I have lots of juicy content on my website and I don’t want anyone to copy it.”
You need DIY Website Terms & Conditions to give you language to fall back on if someone swipes your stuff!

“I have an opt-in or enewsletter and I heard I need a privacy policy.”
You need DIY Privacy Policy to keep personal info from website visitors safe and confidential. (In some states, this is legally required!)

“I’m launching a group program / online course. What do I need?”
You need DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs and Products to protect your course materials and refund-proof what you sell.

“I’m ready to go pro with an LLC or S-Corp, but I don’t know which one is right for me.”
The Which Corporate Entity Is Right for You? DIY Package can help you know how to best limit your liability and protect your home and business.

“I have a biz name or tagline that I LOVE. Should I trademark it?”
The How Do I Know What’s Trademark Worthy DIY Package has a self-assessment so you can find out exactly what and when to trademark.

Option 2:

You aren’t ready to get your legal documents just yet, but you are an organized, Type A go-getter and you want to KNOW what to do when the time comes so you’re ready…

Learn EXACTLY which legal steps to take to protect your business, one step at a time.

Check out my 7 Days To Get Legally Enlightened 7-Day Mini E-Course.

This course is for entrepreneurs like you who want to learn how to protect yourself, your business + your brand – and how to prioritize what to do first.

You’ll receive e-mails delivered straight to your inbox for 7 days and with every e-mail you will become CLEARER about which legal steps are right for your specific business.

In just 10 minutes a day,  you’ll learn about each legal step, how it protects you, why it is important, when you need it, how to get it, and you’ll create your own Legal Roadmap.

You can plan ahead now so you won’t waste time, energy or money later.

Option 3:

You know you need SOMETHING legal
but you aren’t sure what you need.

Schedule a FREE 20-minute Legal Chat!

In a FREE 20-minute Legal Chat, (link to Legal Chat page), you can tell me about you, your business, your legal worries, and ask me questions. Based on our conversation, I may recommend:

  • Using one of My 7 Steps that most entrepreneurs need (but only if it is right for your business right now).
  • Diving deeper through a paid consultation I call a “1-Hour Power Session”.
  • Referring you to another attorney, if that would be most beneficial to you.

It just depends on the situation.

KUDOS to you for wanting to get legally covered!



Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP

Legal Coach® & Attorney for Entrepreneurs
Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

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