Hosting a guest on a webinar or podcast? Here’s what you need

by | Dec 8, 2016 | DIY Legal Templates

Do you have a cool podcast or webinar coming up with guest interviews?

Maybe you’re planning to host a telesummit or planning ways to showcase a variety of professionals in blog posts in early 2017?

Well, if you’re hosting a guest expert of any kind, you’ll want to use a Guest Expert Consent Form.

There’s more to think about than just scheduling the time and date for the interview. Your Guest Expert Consent Form spells out the details about what the Guest Expert will cover, who owns the content and recordings, and how you both can use the interview/recording AFTER the interview airs or publishes.

For example, the Guest Expert Consent Form covers areas like:

  • Can you use their interview for any other reason in the future?
  • Can you bundle the interview with others and sell them as an info product?
  • Can the Guest Expert link to the interview recording on their website?
  • Can the Guest Expert play the interview or excerpts in their e-newsletter or in a course?

See why you need to get clear about these things with your Guest Expert BEFORE you host your interview? This document makes it easy for you to get clear.



Using a written document helps you to have a smooth, successful podcast, interview, telesummit or webinar without having to scramble or send a bazillion e-mails with instructions to the Guest Expert about what they need to do or where to send their info.

It makes everything streamlined for you – and easy for them to find everything that is expected of them all in one place. And it covers your buns.

So, before you interview your next guest for ANYTHING, grab your DIY Guest Expert Consent Form here.

Here’s to holding fabulous interviews with great Guest Experts with clarity and ease!

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