Mike Iamele on how an LLC gave him peace of mind in ways he never expected

by | May 29, 2018 | LLC & S-Corp

Does it sound crazy that forming an LLC will help your love life?

It sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?

But for Mike Iamele, that’s exactly what happened. Mike shared with me in this week’s podcast about how creating an LLC helped him get ready for marriage.

I know – I was surprised too! But it’s so interesting to hear how he explains it.

If you don’t know Mike, he is a mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs, an author, a coach, and founder of the Sacred Circle. He works with spiritual entrepreneurs at every step of the game — from just starting out to six- and seven-figure business owners — to help them build financially and spiritually-nourishing businesses based on their soul purpose, and share their message with millions, without the hustling or striving.

Mike is known for his renowned Sacred Circles, which have helped hundreds of spiritual entrepreneurs build successful businesses and brands, and transform their lives aligned with their life purpose, energetics, and their soul’s evolution. He previously co-founded Torch Communications, LLC, a boutique PR firm where he specialized in disruptive technology, philanthropy, and healthcare reform. He uniquely blends high-level and energetically-based perspective on thought leadership and advanced public relations to spiritual entrepreneurs doing world-changing work.

My favorite part of the interview is where Mike shares how he felt legal freedom and relief (and even more ready to get married!) after getting his business legally protected.

As his business grew, Mike realized that as a sole proprietor, he would be on the line legally if any actions were taken against his company. Mike talks about how forming an LLC gave him peace of mind in ways he never expected as he got married and expanded his business even further.   

Listen to Mike talk about sacred branding, freedom and marriage in Episode 15 on iTunes here.

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Here’s to the unexpected (and positive) ways that you can feel when you get legal protected!