How I brought law and chakras together

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Chakras

I’m back in Sedona for a bit. I love this place. It’s the spiritual center of Arizona, well-known for its many energy vortices. You can really feel the positive, high-frequency energy here. Being here, it seemed like the perfect time to share how I brought law and chakras together.

If you haven’t heard my story… It dawned on me one day while I was sitting in my office, typing on my laptop, that I could combine the legal and energetic sides of business to make the law more approachable, interesting, and holistic. 

I had been looking at the vision board above my desk containing quotes like: 

  • “Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve.” – Jack Canfield
  • “You really don’t have to try so hard. That’s why there’s magic and miracles. Remember?” – Mike Dooley
  • “Create space for grace.” – Nisha Moodley

I thought to myself: “Isn’t it interesting that I’m a lawyer, and yet, all of the quotes on my vision board are about energy and spiritual principles? Clearly, I’m trained as a lawyer AND as a holistic health and life coach and both sides of me help my clients grow their businesses. Not only that but understanding how the energy of the body works through the lens of the chakras makes so much sense.”

Then it dawned on me that the seven most common steps that most entrepreneurs take in a particular order aligned almost magically with the seven chakras. Like this: 



I realized that conscious entrepreneurs who care about doing soulfully aligned work AND increasing their bank accounts would be open to me speaking about the law in a heart-centered way.

Even though I felt really vulnerable sharing this unique insight and link, I KNEW that I could diffuse fear for budding, boot-strapped entrepreneurs who wouldn’t otherwise know where to turn for legal information.

I knew I could help clients who didn’t ever want to step foot in a law firm. I knew I could make them more comfortable by speaking their – and my – soul-centered language. 

By bringing together the woo side, the lawyer side and the coach side of me, I didn’t have to choose among these different parts of me.

I didn’t have to leave parts of me on the cutting room floor.

By making the law feel easy and aligning legal steps with the chakras, I didn’t have to keep these three different parts separated.

Law and spirituality didn’t have to be an “either/or” choice. I realized it could be an “and.”

If you’ve followed me for a while then you know that the theme of “both/and” instead of “either/or” has become very meaningful for me.

(This is precisely why I‘ve had a lighted ampersand marquee in my office since 2013.)



By listening to my intuition and being open to divine inspiration, I realized I could bring all of my interests together.

The same is true for you. 

You don’t have to choose between different parts of YOU in your own business.

You can incorporate different aspects of your personality and align your work with your values in a way that keeps you feeling whole – rather than fragmented and scattered.

You don’t have to struggle with what appears to be opposing interests or competing sides of your personality.

You don’t have to fight that you’re intuitive AND rational the same way that I no longer need to fight that I’m claircognizant and spiritual AND a lawyer who also believes in logic and reason. 

You can embrace the “and” and let all parts of you be fully expressed in your work.

So…here’s my question for you… 

If you have a personal brand, are there parts of you that feel scary to share in a business context? 

Are there parts of you that you fear people will think you’re off the wall if you share them? (Like me combining law and chakras together – which, believe me, is totally off the wall!?)

Are there parts of YOU that you’re leaving on the cutting room floor? 

How can you reach into that storage well of courage inside yourself and let a little bit of your own #freakflag fly in your biz?

Sharing multiple parts of you in your work helps others feel comfortable to do the same. It shows your uniqueness. It distinguishes you in the marketplace. It gives others permission to share their quirks and beliefs and gifts in a new way too.

Here’s to bringing together ALL of the parts of yourself and sharing more of who YOU are in your business.

This topic is so important to me that I wrote about it in my book, Easy Legal Steps. If you haven’t picked up a copy to learn how 7 key legal steps align with the 7 chakras and how they help you to feel safe, secure, and confident in your biz, you can grab it here on my website or here on Amazon.