How the Legally Enlightened Podcast can help you (launching tomorrow!)

by | Mar 4, 2018 | Blog, Podcasts

Wondering what legal language you need for social media? Want to know the real reasons you should use a Client Agreement? No idea if you should register your business?

Well, you are in luck. You can get answers to each of these questions at no cost because…

The Legally Enlightened Podcast launches TOMORROW!


How can this podcast help you?

I wanted to gift you with bite-sized legal tips that you can soak up and understand in 20 minutes or less. Because if you’re like me, you don’t always have time for an hour-long podcast. You just want purposeful info delivered with clarity and love to help you feel safe as a coach or biz owner. You just want direction and ease about to be Legally Enlightened.

From trademarks to LLCs to disclaimers and more, the podcast deconstructs the law into plain English and add a dash of my spirituality, love and heart through mini-legal tips and actions that you can take to protect your business and brand – with a lot of Legal Love.

Who will love this podcast?

Entrepreneurs who like micro-content. Coaches who like quick bites of easily-digestible legal tips.Heart-centered biz owners who want easy to understand info to use right away. Peeps on the go! Anyone who wants to know how to legally protect their business.

If you’re a podcast fan, you’ll LOVE the Legally Enlightened Podcast!  

We all take in information differently, so I wanted to create a podcast for you to listen to while working out, cooking dinner, or taking a break between clients.

The first 4 inaugural podcasts launch TOMORROW on iTunes, Stitcher, Google and my website.

Each episode answers the exact questions that coaches and biz owners like you ask me all the time. In each episode, I lead the way with loving legal tips that I align with the chakras – in 20 minutes or less. You already knew I would align legal steps with the chakras, right?

In the first 4 episodes, you’ll learn:

Ep. 0 – What is the Legally Enlightened Podcast? (Don’t miss this quick intro where I share a personal story from high school about bringing all of your gifts together.)

Ep. 1 – What Legal Language Do I Need for Social Media?

Ep. 2 – #1 Reason to Use Client Agreements

Ep. 3 – Do I Need to Register My Business?

Each podcast has a printable Tip Sheet too with key points and extra bonuses. #legallove

Watch your e-mail tomorrow for the links to listen AND an exciting announcement about how you could win one of the following gifts during our podcast celebration week:

  1. 1-Hour Power Hour private consultation with me
  2. 30-Minute Power Hour private consultation with me
  3. A copy of my book Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good For Your Soul

Until then, my friend… go to bed tonight and dream of easy legal tips that don’t cost a penny that can help you protect yourself, your business baby, and your heartfelt brand. Ahhhh…..