How to choose the best business name for your biz

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Business Registration & Taxes, Podcasts

Thinking about a new business name for your biz?

The first questions I am asked by so many entrepreneurs are:

What name should I choose for my business? Should it be my personal name? Something else? How do I know if the name I want is even available? How do I register my business name? If I own the URL, does that mean I own the biz name?

I know how overwhelming it can feel when you want to select the RIGHT biz name.

You want it to be REALLY GOOD. You want it to be CLEAR. You want it to STICK. You want it to help you ATTRACT clients, biz buddies, media spots and, of course, income.

There are several things to think about when it comes to selecting the right name for your business – whether you sell services or whether you sell products.


The BEST business name is aligned with you, your brand and your messaging from a marketing standpoint AND it’s energetically aligned with you.

Yep! You want a biz name that really represents your BRAND well so people easily know what you do. But it also has to resonate with you at a soul level so that you feel aligned and good when you tell people what it is.

How exactly do you select a biz name that does both?

Listen in to podcast Episode 31 on iTunes HERE to learn how to choose the best business name right from the start.  (Don’t have iTunes? Listen through my website here.)



In this 20-minute episode, you’ll get clear about:

  • What to consider when choosing a business name
  • Whether to use your personal name or a more creative name
  • How to name a product-based company
  • Why your website should relate to your business name
  • Whether you own the business name when you purchase the website URL
  • How to know if the business name you want is available
  • Why Lisa aligns choosing a business name with the solar plexus chakra

Be sure to grab your Tip Sheet for this episode HERE for a fab summary of this episode – no need to take notes, my friend!

Here’s to creating a great business name right from the start – so you don’t have to stress about it!

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