How to feel more grounded – even in when the world is shaky

by | Nov 1, 2021 | DIY Legal Templates

Now that it’s Fall (again!) and COVID is a thing (still!), the future still doesn’t seem clear or certain. Not that it ever was, but prior to March 2020, it FELT a lot clearer and certain, didn’t it?

We’re all processing soooooooo much right now and making sense of the past 18 months. (Myself included!)

What I love about the law is that it helps you to feel safer.

I created DIY Legal Templates to help you feel grounded.

It’s also why I align taking legal steps with the root chakra. The root chakra is associated with having a strong base and feeling connected to grounded earth energy.

During Summer, I love to walk in my yard barefoot, feeling the dirt and grass under my feet. Taking a minute to step outside and ground myself always helps to draw my energy down so I can feel planted solidly in place.

In the Fall, I like to run and hike in the cool crisp air, taking in the reds, oranges and yellows of the colorful autumn leaves. It connects me to nature and with each footstep hitting the trail, I feel deeply connected to the earth.

In biz, using legal documents is one of best ways to get your business feet firmly planted on the ground.

The purpose of the DIY Legal Templates is to help you limit your liability and decrease your risk of lawsuits and refund requests from upset clients so you don’t live in the energy of worry and stress.

That’s why my clients who are former Wall Street bankers, doctors with multiple degrees, multi-millionaire business owners, and energetic brand new coaches have embraced the warmth and security of the DIY Legal Templates.

They feel good about using them because they feel protected and grounded when they have them in place – and they feel comfortable giving them to their clients.

(You can check out what my clients have to say here.)

If you’re just starting out or timid about which legal steps to take, the DIY Legal Templates are designed to make it especially easy to get legally covered – whether when working with clients, affiliates, team members, or getting your website or online courses up and running.

Legal Love Tip™: Feel more safe and secure in your business by using DIY Legal Templates.



The DIY Legal Templates help you feel safe because they’re:

  • Specifically designed for coaches, practitioners and entrepreneurs who work online (I know what you need since I’m a coach too!).
  • Legally sound but “softer” in the language – rather than the harshness of most cold and corporate documents.
  • Creating “legal-ease” rather than using a lot of formal, uncomfortable “legalese”.
  • Simple and clear so they’re comfortable for you to share with your clients and easy for both of you to understand.
  • Inexpensive and affordable (most lawyers wouldn’t think of including payment plans for legal docs, but I do!) – because I’m all about #legallove.

I invite you to check out the different templates in the DIY Legal Template shop here.

If you’re wanting to feel more secure right now, but you’re nervous about using a DIY Legal Template or unsure if it’s right for you…

Have a listen to this previously-aired Legally Enlightened Podcast episode on “Why DIY Legal Templates Don’t Have to Be Scary” on my website HERE or on iTunes HERE.

Here’s to feeling more safe & secure in your business when the world still feels a little shaky!

If you need to get some legal documents in place, check out all of the 45+ DIY Legal Templates here. If you aren’t sure which templates you need, just comment below and let us know. All questions are welcome (and don’t worry if you aren’t really sure even what to ask.) We’re happy to help you.