How to gather testimonials

by | May 21, 2018 | DIY Legal Templates, Podcasts


When it comes to gathering testimonials, they can be MAGIC for your business.

Inviting your past clients to share their experience working with you 1-on-1 or as part of your program or course is a beautiful way for them to share your work… in their own words..

It can feel a little scary or intimidating to ask for testimonials if you’ve never done it before or you’re just starting out.

On the emotional front, asking for testimonials can bump up into our fears of being a fraud or our fear of not being liked. Don’t kid yourself. Those fears are real. You’re not alone in feeling them.

Sometimes you have to dig deep into your courage to find the nerve to ask a client to share what they loved about your program and how it helped them.

Learn how to gather testimonials safely so you don’t miscommunicate with your clients in ways that can end up costing you – in dollars or heartache.

Click here to listen to Episode 14 to get testimonials in a way that doesn’t leave you legally naked.

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In this episode, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • Sample questions to ask your clients when gathering testimonials
  • How testimonials help your business in 2 big ways
  • 3 tips for gathering testimonial safely  
  • How to handle testimonials with love and respect  
  • Why I align gathering testimonials with the heart chakra and root chakra

All in less than 20 minutes.

And be sure to grab your Episode 14 Tip Sheet for bonus info. You can download it HERE.

Kudos to you for getting fabulous testimonials!

A BIG reminder about GDPR!

You probably know by now that the GDPR is a brand new privacy law approved by the EU Parliament that covers how you collect, use and process personal data.

GDPR goes into effect THIS Friday May 25th.

Who has to follow it? Everyone…

  • Who is in the EU
  • Who markets or sells to anyone in the EU
  • Who has even 1 client or person on their list from the EU

What do you need to do?

There are a lot of things to consider but we’re going to focus on the TWO MAIN THINGS to make it easy-peasy for you!

  1. Update your Privacy Policy
  2. Update how you get Consent from people to process their data (in marketing e-mails, etc.)

How do you do that?

Gena and I have made it super easy for you!

Get our GDPR-friendly Privacy Policy here:



With your purchase you will also receive a bonus GDPR Cheat Sheet for Consent with the exact language to use for your opt-in boxes, e-newsletter lists and freebies!

This DIY legal template is quick and easy for you to personalize with your biz information and get in place immediately after you buy it – pronto!


Need a DIY Testimonial Release to gather testimonials with ease? Learn more at here.