How to get legally covered for your online biz – for less💲

by | Apr 1, 2024 | DIY Legal Templates

The other day a client told me a lawyer quoted her $22,000 to get legal docs for her business.


I almost fell off of my chair because I knew she was going to be overcharged. 😯

REALLY overcharged. 💰

This client had gone to her parent’s friend – a lawyer down the street – and asked for legal docs for her 1-on-1 clients, for her website and for her online course.

But, that lawyer did not understand what a “health coach” was, what “functional medicine” was all about or what a “nutritional therapist” or “NTP” was.

That lawyer said they had to do a bunch of research BEFORE they could even write up the needed legal docs. Gah!

During that same time, a fellow NTP told the client about me.

The client was so relieved when I told her that she could get the SAME legal documents in the “go bare now™” course… for less than 1/10 of that $22,000 quote.

The client could not believe it. She signed up for “go bare now™” immediately.

She paid only $257/month for 10 months. That’s it.

For 7 easy-to-complete legal docs, videos, audios, a 1-Hour Power Hour (privately with me), and LOTS of bonuses.

She said she was so happy to find me because:

✅ she got the exact legal docs she needed (and more!)
✅ she felt understood as an NTP who practices functional medicine, AND
✅ the legal docs were a fraction of the cost!!

Done and done! 👏

Right now you can enroll in “go bare now™” too.

You’ll get the very same legal docs my client did – plus EXTRA bonuses:

🎉 an extra DIY Legal Template for your hybrid group plus 1-on-1 courses
🎉 2 LIVE group Q&A calls with me
🎉 an energy healing session to clear your chakras and remove unprocessed emotions
🎉 a copy of my book Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good For Your Soul

Enroll here in “go bare now™” and get legally covered – for less!

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Here’s to getting legally covered – for less!