How to go from stuck & scared to confident & empowered FASTER

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Chakras, High Vibe Legal Course

Fall – this season of Virgo – is the perfect time to get organized, hunker down and legally cover yourself, your biz and your brand. Legal support protects what you’ve worked so hard to launch and build and share with the world – so you can be ready to hit the ground running in 2020 with your main legal protections in place.

So fast-forward and imagine that it’s now December…

You’re finally feeling UNSTUCK…

You’re creating a NEW OFFER…


You have greater RESPECT…

You feel SAFE to be more visible…

You have FEWER HEADACHES with clients…

You create CLARITY from the get-go…


…and you’re showing up in your business with more CONFIDENCE.
Just like Rachel and Gina:

Rachel Madorsky Testimonial.png

Gina Gomez Testimonial.png

The High Vibe Legal Course is helps you in PRACTICAL ways to cover your buns (so you can reduce your risk) and in ENERGETIC ways to create strong boundaries & containers (to hold and support your business).


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Whether you’re brand new, 2-3 years in, or very experienced… it’s designed to help you can go from stuck and scared to confident and empowered FASTER and in a way that is SOULFULLY aligned.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 DIY legal templates – written in plain English to download, save and tailor for you.
  • 3 legal checklists – simple & easy steps to help you understand.
  • Video clips – about key legal tips & chakra-aligned business principles.
  • Audio guides– for the legal templates
  • 7 high-vibe workshops – 90-minute group workshops
  • 2 Power Hours – 2 private 1-hour calls with Lisa
  • Private Facebook community to connect with the group
  • 7 essential oils – each aligned with a chakra.
  • Chakra healing guide – to support your growth during the course and beyond.
  • Easy Legal Steps book – a personalized, signed copy from Lisa.

This course gives you legal protection AND energetic support to save you time, money and headaches and help you feel more ease, expansion and grace.

Truth be told, if you went to a lawyer to get legal documents, each document could cost $1,200-$2,500 EACH which is $10-12,000 TOTAL for 6 documents. (Not joking. I don’t like exaggerations. These are customary rates for lawyers.)

And, if you purchased a 1-on-1 paid consultation, it would cost $547 EACH. There are 2 included in the course to give you added support, saving you $1,100.

For just under $300/month for 10 months, you can get legally covered in the High Vibe Legal Course in legal ways to cover your buns and energetic ways that are also good for your soul. 

I’m pretty sure you won’t find that from any other lawyer! 

Are you ready to catapult your business forward FASTER and to protect your work and business in a high vibe way? 

Enroll now (but hurry! Doors close this Friday, October 4th).

I don’t know when I’ll be offering this live course again. (That’s true too. Not an exaggeration.)  If you’re ready to leap into 2020 feeling protected with more confidence and security, enroll in the High Vibe Legal Course today.