How to quiet the critter brain and feel safe to expand

by | Mar 12, 2020 | DIY Legal Templates

One of my favorite topics to talk about (besides the law!) is TIME.

More specifically…

Bending or condensing time to get results faster and more effortlessly.

There are several ways to talk about bending time. 

The way I want to talk about it is this: When we take steps to feel safe, we take action.

We move forward more quickly.

We close the gap between what we WANT and what we RECEIVE. 

Instead of sitting holed up in our office trying to hide from our goals, we feel SAFE to take steps. 

When we take baby steps, we bridge the divide between what we don’t have and what we receive.

We make time speed up. We bend time. 

It might sound funny to talk about time this way, but once we shift energetically into the space of feeling safe, we calm our nervous system. We align our molecules. We quiet the critter brain, and we move into action mode. 

We aren’t caught in fear. We’re expansive with possibilities. 

We shift into a different state – and time has been eclipsed.

One way to bend time to speed it up is to get OUT of the day-to-day grind and work ON your business and growth.

How have I done this? For example, I’ve:

  • Traveled to conferences and workshops to learn new strategies
  • Earned a Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School (just to expand my knowledge!) 
  • Received monthly guidance from my Maine Rockstars Mastermind sisters
  • Worked with my accountant on tax prep and planning (well before year-end)
  • Read a boatload of biz & self-help books (one chapter at a time!)
  • Updated my own legal documents and contracts
  • Taken care of my body through running, snowshoeing and hiking with my husband Scott (that’s when some of my best ideas come!)

Creating a strong, safe and solid foundation for your biz – like getting legal protection and accounting support – is working ON your business.

The faster you feel safe, the more you condense time and take action to move your biz forward – so you can expand and receive more of what you want.

Legal documents reduce your risk on the front end which allows you to feel SAFE, relax and exhale. They help you not feel exposed or worried as you expand your income and impact.

If you don’t have your legal documents in place, a great place to start is with a Legal Starter Kit. There are 3 options. They’re super-easy, simple & clear! 

Check them out HERE.



You’ll see them in red near the top of the page. They’re documents written in plain English which you download and fill in the blanks. They come with audio guide and they’re easy to fill out.

Legal documents help you FEEL safe by creating a firm foundation under your biz so you can bend time as you calm that critter brain.  

Here’s to bending time by taking baby steps! I’m celebrating each step you take right along with you!

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