How to understand your state nutrition laws

by | May 23, 2022 | DIY Legal Master Classes

Almost daily, I help physicians, nurses, and all kinds of licensed practitioners navigate following their state’s medical licensure laws but expand their businesses (in legal ways!) to work as health coaches, NTPs or functional nutrition practitioners across state lines.

For years and years, health coaches and holistic practitioners have asked me to teach a class on how to navigate “red state” nutrition laws and what exactly you can do if you’re in a “yellow state” or “green state” so you don’t get in trouble.

Some states are loosening their grip on strict dietetics laws (like Illinois, Mississippi, Oklahoma, thanks to the good work of Jonathan Posey and the Holistic Council of Health Educators, among others).

Other states are starting to crack down more and more often on violations of medical and dietetics laws (like Colorado and Ohio, for example).

Just this week, a health coach contacted me because she’s being investigated by a state board for violating a dietetics law. In the past few years, I’ve had multiple health coaches contact me to tell me they are being investigated by their states. 

Health coaches being investigated received a letter from their State Medical Board or State Dietetics Board which was investigating them by saying they are either “practicing medicine without  license” or “practicing dietetics without a license,” and that the “Board voted to open an investigation against them regarding the allegation.”

Each of them was TERRIFIED and didn’t know how to proceed. 

All of them wished they had known more about their state nutrition laws BEFORE they opened their practices so they wouldn’t be investigated right now.

I don’t share this information to scare you. The Mama Lion in me wants to protect you because it hurts my heart when these situations happen.

As a lawyer, I want you to feel safe and empowered knowing your state medical laws and state nutrition laws. 

I don’t want you to worry, play small, not move forward, or (heaven forbid!) be investigated simply because you haven’t yet learned about your state laws.

My goal is ALWAYS to help you reduce your risk and run your business in a legally healthy way. 

Legal Love™ Tip: Know your state’s nutrition laws as a health coach or holistic nutrition practitioner.



How do you do that in a way that is fast, easy and low cost (just $97!)? 

The DIY Legal Master Class on “State Nutrition Law Basics for Health Coaches” is your answer. 

In under 1 hour you’ll learn:

  • 4 reasons why it’s important to understand your state laws
  • 3 types of state laws you need to understand
  • General guidelines for “red,” “yellow” and “green” states so you know what to do
  • How to find out what your state nutrition laws say

And, in the DIY Legal Master Class, I also answer frequently asked questions like:

  • “If my business is registered in a ‘red state’ with restrictive nutrition laws, do I need to move to a ‘green state’ with more lenient laws?”
  • “Why didn’t my health coaching school teach me about my state laws?”
  • “What happens if my state laws change in the future?”
  • “What do I need to know if my health coaching practice is based outside of the US?”

This DIY Legal Master Class is an easy do-it-yourself way to find out more about your state nutrition laws outside of having a pricey personal consultation with an attorney in your state.

Please note that the Master Class does not walk through the language of each of the 50 states as that would be too time-consuming for a 1-hour class.

Instead, this Class teaches you how to find out what your state law says so you’ll feel more empowered and safe to know what your state law says today and where to look to stay on top of any future changes as well.

Stop worrying or holding yourself back by not knowing your state laws. Check out the DIY Legal Master Class HERE.

Here’s to empowering yourself around your state nutrition laws so you can move forward feeling safe, secure and confident as a health coach or holistic practitioner!