How to get your legal documents in the right places online

by | Mar 15, 2018 | DIY Legal Templates

Do you have some tech fear as an entrepreneur?

Yeah, me too!

(I only have to THINK about making one teeny edit to my website and I break out into a cold sweat! Thank goodness for my team!)

One of the things that people tell me stops amazing entrepreneurs from getting legal documents in place is the tech part.

And it breaks my heart when a coach stops her business from getting legally protected because she is deathly afraid of hooking up her Website Disclaimer to her website or has no clue how to send a Client Agreement to her client to get it signed virtually.

If you’ve been putting off getting your legal docs in place because you’re afraid of the tech side or you don’t have a website designer on speed-dial, we’ve solved that problem for you!

Meet Terra Milo.


And get this….

We’ve teamed up together!

When you get my DIY legal documents, you also get access to Terra’s exclusive (and inexpensive!) video tutorials that walk you through hooking up documents on your own website.

Amazing, right?

And if you don’t want to do it yourself, she can do it for you!

Yep! Terra has prepared video tutorials for you – that you can’t get from her anywhere else – about how to connect some of the DIY products to your shopping carts or sales pages or how to e-sign a contract.

She’s also offering 1-on-1 services if you prefer the white glove treatment.

Terra and I met several years ago when she took my Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare Now legal course to get her legal documents in place. What I love about Terra is that she takes tech and makes it easy to understand, just like I do with the law.

Terra’s offering 7 different legal tech mini-courses only for my clients, including How to Put Essential Documents on Your Website, How to Easily Send Documents for Signature, Mini-Disclaimer Hookup Video Training – and even a training for the whole kahuna for my Go Bare Now legal course.

How can you take advantage of these special services from Terra?

Simply purchase one of my DIY Legal Templates and you will have special access to Terra’s video tutorials!

(Have you already purchased some of my DIY Legal Templates and want to be connected to Terra? Simply reply to this email and my team will take care of you!)

Here’s to getting legal protection without the tech fear!