{Webinar} How to stop sliding into fear as an entrepreneur

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Courage

I don’t know about you, but as an entrepreneur, I left Corporate America to go out on my own because I wanted to support online entrepreneurs in a heartfelt way.

I mustered the courage to slowly build my own business from a place of service—not backed by a big law firm or organization – and it was scary to do it by myself. No joke.

I felt like I had to dig deep to try find my confidence on a regular basis – and a lot of times I couldn’t find it.

I kept sliding into Fear when I wanted to:

  • Send my first e-newsletter
  • Share my first free e-course
  • Offer my first paid course
  • Take the stage for my first speaking gig, and
  • Share my  professional photos on my newly-designed website (Wowsa! Sharing those photos and being seen in such a visible way was the scariest of all!)  

But, each time, after I freaked out for a bit (ha!), I got support from my coaches and friends, and then just did it…because I knew that if I was speaking about legal tips from my heart – even if I didn’t do it perfectly – it could really help someone else feel safe and secure in their business (and that’s the whole idea).

It would have been easy for me to choose Fear instead of Love, and let it keep me small, not showing up in service to the world.

Finding courage is a BIG topic that comes up a lot in business. If it’s come up for me over and over again, I’m guessing it’s come up at least once or twice for you too.

That’s why I’m so excited to be interviewing Chantelle Adams, Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter TOMORROW at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET on how to “Cultivate Courage.”



Save your seat HERE for my webinar with Chantelle on Tuesday, November 14th at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

If you don’t know Chantelle, she’s all about helping women get their BRAVE on in life and biz. She’s spoken on HUNDREDS of stages, taught me how to take the stage with courage when I spoke at her 2016 “Shine Live” event, and then be filmed giving a mini-Ted-like talk through her “Center Stage Live” program. She jumped out of an airplane and fell 10,000 feet to raise $10,000 to build a school in Nicaragua, led 60 change makers in co-authoring a book (The Courage to Fly) and share their stories of courage with the world. She’s started a global movement (The Courage Collective) where they are on a mission to face 1 million fears, share 1 million stories of courage and donate $1 million to charities around the world. See? She’s the PERFECT guest expert for talking about how to be courageous.

You will learn how to use courage to help you expand your income and influence (rather than hiding under the couch!) and exactly how to find your courage when it escapes you.

This is my 4th webinar in my free “Grow with Grace” webinar series. It’s my gift to you to help you build a soulful business with love. You’ll hear how I’ve tried to grow with grace over the past few years, and my guest experts have done it with their businesses too.

Save your seat HERE for my webinar with Chantelle (and all 7 of the webinars in the entire webinar series).

I am loving going beyond the legal side of biz and talking with so many wonderful guest experts like Chantelle about how to grow your biz with grace in a heartfelt and soulful way! See you there!






I am thrilled to be interviewed by John Lee Dumas on the latest Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast!

I’ll be sharing

  • The one legal tip that most entrepreneurs don’t know
  • How I overcame this one deadly fear (that most entrepreneurs have!)
  • My a-ha moment of bringing spirituality into the law
  • The best piece of advice I ever received in my biz
  • And so much more!

Listen to the episode here.