I know you can get in trouble for this…

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Legal Clarity Course for Doctors & Licensed Medical Practitioners

Yes, you can get in trouble.

No, I’m not making that up.

How do I know?

Because I’m going to be sharing REAL LIFE examples of doctors and licensed medical practitioners who are being investigated RIGHT NOW – for practicing medicine outside of state lines.

When? In my Legal Clarity Course live workshop on November 4th.

Doors close TOMORROW! Enroll now.

NOW is your chance to learn how to legally protect your practice and reach more clients online in a safe way.



And if you’re wondering…

Q: If I’m just starting to expand online, do I REALLY need all of this info?

A: Just starting out online is the BEST time to take this course. Here’s an example: (true story)

A doctor reached out to me who was creating an online course. She’d already recorded 60 videos for her course. But she made a huge error about her title and course name in every.single.video – and she had to go back and correct each one.
I wish she had come to me BEFORE creating her online course. She wouldn’t have wasted hours of time, thousands of dollars, and so much effort recording videos that could get her in trouble.

In the course, you’ll learn my proprietary Legal Risk Scale™ so you can create the right kinds of offers with less risk (and no video redos!)

Q: Why shouldn’t I just wing it?

A: Do you “wing it” by putting a filling in your own tooth? Determining your own glasses prescription? Even cutting your own hair? (No, I don’t mean trimming your bangs – I mean cutting ALL your hair.)

Of course not.

If you’re not an expert in an area, I don’t recommend “winging” it.

I understand the legal issues and risks that you’re facing in this post-pandemic world. You want more flexibility in how you work. But you want to do it the right way.

I’m one of very few lawyers who knows this area of law.

I was a former health care lawyer in a large law firm working with hospitals and medical practitioners. AND I’m a health coach and life coach myself trained through IIN and CoachU. I have 10 years in the online space.

I’ve worked with hundreds of licensed medical practitioners to teach the legalities of taking their practice online. I’ve helped them learn how to run their practices and reach more clients without putting themselves or their licenses at risk.

You can learn how to expand online safely too.

Enroll now right here before doors close TOMORROW.

You can feel like my clients Trupti, Suzanne, Carla and Amber…


Take the legal steps needed to feel safe, secure and confident in the online space.

This course will teach you what you need to know to reach more people safely.

Enroll before the doors close tomorrow at 11:59pm PT.

Here’s to feeling clear and confident on the legal front!