It’s important to be prepared…but not paralyzed by fear

by | Mar 16, 2020 | DIY Legal Templates

In the midst of preparation for the effects of the coronavirus in our country, it’s easy to feel anxious in the midst of all of this uncertainty. 

It’s more important than ever to remain calm and do our part to wash our hands, keep social distancing, take good care of our loved ones, gather the supplies we need, boost our immune systems, and come together as a global community (family, really!) to protect our collective health.

I did an Insta Story earlier this week about this exact topic. So many of us – myself included – want to gather what we need, be prepared but NOT feed the fear frenzy.

It’s important to be prepared, but NOT paralyzed with fear. 

Not surprisingly, being prepared with the supplies you need for a global virus outbreak is not unlike legally protecting your business.

It’s not healthy to live in a paralyzing fear of being sued. That weakens the strength and confidence of your business and it can keep you from moving forward.

Just like preparing to keep your body healthy, it is helpful to use legal documents to help your business be prepared and more secure on the front end to relax your critter brain and not be held in a state of paralyzing distress or anxiety.

Using legal documents is one way to calm our anxiety when it comes to business. 

If you’re feeling exposed and worried not only about your family’s health or wellness but also about your business, you’re not alone.

Do these things to help yourself feel more calm, safe and secure during this time of uncertainty:

1. Reach out to your clients and the online community to keep feeling connected and supported – rather than isolated from others.

2. Create and offer resources that can be assessed by clients at home (or anywhere!) – like online classes, DIY products, podcasts, videos, e-newsletters, and opt-ins.

3. Assess your legal protection for your business and make sure you’ve got your legal documents in place so you aren’t draining your energy and worried about being legally naked.

If you know my work, then remember you can use easy DIY legal templates to bolster your business and ease your mind. They’re specifically designed for coaches, practitioners and heart-centered entrepreneurs to help you to feel more confident and  more professional which allows you to receive more clients, income & impact AND they’re:

  • WAY more affordable than hiring a lawyer
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Written in plain English
  • Can be completed in less than an hour

Check to see if your legal protection is in place for your website, content and working with clients and if it’s not there, now is a good time to do it.

  • If you have a website, be sure you’ve got website documents and use the DIY Website Protection Package.
  • If you’re creating opt-ins, course content, PDFs, videos or podcasts, use the DIY Mini-Disclaimer.
  • If you work with 1-on-1 clients, use the DIY Client Agreement.
  • If you offer online courses or larger online programs, use the DIY Terms of Use.
  • If you work with small groups and masterminds, use the DIY Client Agreement for Small Groups & Masterminds.

The last thing you need to be worried about right now is feeling exposed on the legal front or tying up your energy stressing about the legal parts of your business.

A great place to start with your legal protection is with a Legal Starter Kit. 

You can check  them out HERE.


You’ll see the Legal Starter Kits in red near the top of the page.

I know this is a stressful time for all of us, so if you have any questions at all on the legal front, please reach out to me at I want to help you feel safer and more secure during this time of uncertainty so you can save your beautiful energy for the health and wellness of your beloveds.

Here’s to being prepared but not paralyzed and to honoring and loving yourself and your business as we collectively send out healing energy to support the world’s health.