It’s tax season! Know what tax deductions you can legally take.

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Business Registration & Taxes, Podcasts

Every year, there are new tax laws or situations that can change things for you. Thanks to COVID, like this year.

For example, if you received money through the Paycheck Protection Program or if you had to take money out of your 401K for living expenses in 2020, your tax situation could be different this year. It’s definitely not a “same old-same old” kind of tax year.

Taxes, like law, can be kind of scary.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Erin Armstrong.

Erin is a Small Business Tax & Money Coach, an Entrepreneur, and a Professional Speaker. She wants you to feel confident when it comes to taxes and all financial decisions for your business.

Erin’s goal is to help you save money in taxes! This means that you can maximize the money you can keep in your pocket. You want to know what tax deductions you can legally take so you have money to invest in your business – or to buy more stuff on Amazon. (Who me??)

I align clarity about finances and taxes with the solar plexus chakra because you feel more confident and empowered when you know what’s going on with your money, instead of putting your head in the sand.

You stand taller as a biz owner when you’re in control of your finances – and taxes – and knowledge is power.

Legal Love™ Tip: Know what tax deductions you can legally take.



This topic is so timely and important that I’m sharing my previously-aired podcast interview with Erin Armstrong to share how you can maximize the money that you’re keeping in your pocket. Listen in on my website here or on iTunes here.

Know that Erin isn’t providing personal tax advice in the episode, so you’ll want to be sure to talk with your own accountant – especially about anything that’s changed for you and your tax situation due to COVID in 2020.

This podcast episode can help you identify (in less than 30 minutes!) any tax savings you may have overlooked so you can save money. It’s a good one!

Here’s to tax savings and feeling empowered during tax season!