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by | Aug 1, 2022 | DIY Legal Templates

I want you to feel like Sruthi.

(Not her real name, of course, but this situation is real.)

Sruthi came to us utterly upset.

She had built her brand new website 6 months earlier.

She had worked on it so hard…

with the help of her business coach – to get the copy just right…

with the help of a graphic designer – to have it look GORGEOUS…

and with the help of her website developer – to have it load quickly.

When Sruthi launched the site, she felt so proud. People were telling her “your website is amazing!” and “your site feels so ‘you’!”

But to Sruthi’s dismay, she received an email from a friend who alerted her that someone had copied Sruthi’s “About” page. Word for word.

Can you believe it? (Shockingly, we hear this more often than you would think).

Sruthi burst into tears. She felt so angry, so violated, so distraught.

Wiping her tears, she reached out to me and asked:

“What can I do? Can I go after someone for copying my website? How can I prevent this from happening again? How can I protect my site?”

My answer was:

“Yes, you can do something. Yes, you can go after them. Yes, you can take steps to protect your website to bolster your position if it ever happens again.”

I recommended that Sruthi immediately add these DIY Templates to her website (and I would say the same to you):

1. DIY Website Disclaimer – to disclaim liability so people don’t get confused about what you do.

2. DIY Website Terms & Conditions – to tell your website visitors the rules about using your site (i.e. not to copy your “About” page!)

3. DIY Privacy Policy – to keep personal info that website visitors share on your site safe & confidential.

Once Sruthi put these protections in place, she immediately felt more confident and empowered.

She knew she had legal backing and solid documents up on her site.

She also strengthened her boundaries (both legal AND energetic!) by taking these steps.

I want you to feel like Sruthi… even BEFORE something like this happens!

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