Join me for the Confidence-Creating Legal Workshop 101

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Boundaries, Chakras, Clarity, Communication, Confidence, Courage, Intuition, Leadership

Not feeling so confident when it comes to the legal parts of your biz?

(Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Sooo many of my clients have told me they wonder if they’re doing something wrong or putting themselves or their incomes at risk.)

Wouldn’t it feel so much better to be…

  • Secure so you don’t feel so scared & worried about screwing something up


  • Supported so you can create clear boundaries and expectations and your clients don’t keep asking for refunds or missing calls


  • Grounded so your biz feels more stable & solid and you don’t feel like Bambi on new baby deer legs

We all feel a bit wobbly at times, so I’ve created a brand new no-cost workshop to help you go from feeling stuck and scared to confident and empowered on the legal front while backed by energetic support aligned with the chakras.

Join me for the NEW “Confidence-Creating Legal Workshop 101” on Tuesday, September 24 at 1 pm ET. 

Confidence Creating Legal Workshop 101 images (1).png

You’ll walk away feeling:

  • SAFE – knowing about 4 key legal steps that protect you in practical and energetic ways


  • CONFIDENT – backed by 4 chakra-aligned principles for growing a business (that have helped me move through my own fears)


  • CLEAR – understanding why both the legal steps and the energetics matter when you want to catapult your business forward.

You’ll learn how 4 legal steps and 4 chakra-aligned energetic principles support you in feeling more CONFIDENT as a thriving, heart-centered business owner and helps you get LEGALLY COVERED.

You might be surprised to know that when you follow these legal steps and chakra-aligned principles, you’ll feel more secure, safe, confident and empowered to take legal steps and expand your income as a business owner. 

I’ve seen time and again that when you protect your business in practical ways, you boost your business in energetic ways too. #thelawisspiritualtoo

I find that when I am feeling less-than-confident, hearing examples of people who have faced their fears and found the courage to “do it anyway” helps me find my pep in my step again, so you’ll hear about real clients who took these legal steps and shifted their businesses in enormous ways.

You’ll see how they felt safer, more secure, more confident, and more empowered to play bigger. 

You’ll see how they received more of what they wanted, attracted more clients, made substantially more money, and stopped playing small. 

You’ll see how their entire energy, life, and business changed exactly as they had hoped it would.

Register for the Confidence-Creating Workshop here.




You’ll also learn about my new High Vibe Legal course which legally protects your work AND boosts your vibe at the same time (so you can feel High Vibe too!).

{Legal Steps + Energetic Support = High Vibe Legal Protection with Biz-Boosting Confidence!}

Here’s to catapulting your business forward with confidence!