Just 5 days left to get GDPR-compliant

by | May 20, 2018 | Blog

Only 5 days until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect!

As you probably know by now, the GDPR sets a HIGHER standard for privacy when it comes to clients or people on your list who are in the European Union. It affects you even if you have just one person on your list from the EU. (In case you’re scratching your head wondering…. no, you cannot just block people from the EU!)

My jam is making the GDPR easy to understand. People LOVED the GDPR webinar this week. Mary even called it a “sleek smoothie” – ha!


GDPR testimonial.png

Missed it? There’s still time to watch the GDPR webinar replay here.

Then, take these 2 steps:

STEP 1: Update your Privacy Policy.

Not gonna lie – it’s not easy to update your Privacy Policy on your own. Our Privacy Policy template required major updates. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.  

This DIY legal template is quick and easy for you to personalize with your biz information and get in place immediately after you buy it – pronto!

Get your new GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy template here for $297.

PLUS you’ll get our GDPR Cheat Sheet for Consent with the exact language to use for your opt-in boxes, e-newsletter lists and freebies!



STEP 2: Update how you get Consent in marketing e-mails, opt-ins boxes, etc.

You’ll need to edit how you collect personal information on landing pages, opt in box, e-newsletter sign ups, client intake forms and all other places where you collect information.

What do you need to say exactly? You’ll get the language as a bonus when you purchase the Privacy Policy template.

Don’t put off getting ready for GDPR. You still have a few days to do it.

Here’s to getting legally protected!