JUST ONE DAY LEFT to be a Damsel going BARE (legally, we mean!)

by | Oct 7, 2017 | Blog

JUST ONE DAY LEFT to be a Damsel going BARE with us (legally, we mean!)

We’re popping into your inbox today to remind you that you’ve got ONE DAY LEFT to sign up for Damsel goes bare™, the legal course for entrepreneurs – the FULL live 6-week version or the LITE self-study program.

Imagine yourself 6 weeks from now, typing away at your computer and taking a deep exhale because you now:

  • Feel SAFE knowing the right language and documents to have  in place.
  • Stand STRONG knowing you can fall back on the right legal language if someone takes your stuff.
  • Feel COMFORTABLE dealing with your finances
  • Have KNOWLEDGE about your legal options as a business owner
  • Feel like a PROFESSIONAL in your business
  • Are CONFIDENT that you can be taken seriously

Ahhhh, I can see the stress leaving your body just thinking about it.

If you’re feeling called to remove worry and stress that’s holding you back from playing bigger to have the income, clients and freedom you want in your biz, then Damsel goes bare™ is perfect for you.

Gena and I are here to love you up and support you as you protect your biz and brand with 6 strong, love-filled but powerful legal documents. We bring the sparkles and the soul to make it as easy for you as possible- all you have to do is show up!

Not sure which course is right for you?

  • DGB FULL is right for you if… you like a lot of hand-holding when it comes to the legal stuff, the support of a group and live Q&A calls to ask questions.
  • DGB LITE is right for you if… you like self-study courses or doing things on your own.

When does the course begin?

The FULL course starts on Monday October 16! Your first lesson will cover Client Contracts. You’ll learn what exactly needs to be in it and get your own Client Contract ready to use immediately so you can welcome your next client with open arms – and clear policies.

What if I don’t sign up now? Can I sign up later?

If you miss this chance, you won’t get live support from Gena and me in weekly Q&A calls, a private Facebook group and e-mails to get answers to your questions anytime. You can ask about about website disclaimers, client agreements, website terms & conditions, privacy policies (and more!) so you can protect your business and your brand. If you’re feeling pulled towards the course, listen to your intuition and join now.

The doors close tomorrow night at 11:59pm so sign up TODAY for the FULL or LITE course.

Get your legal documents in place, strengthen your boundaries and up your biz vibe – and cover your buns so you can get back to serving your clients, sharing your gifts and changing the world.

Don’t miss the Damsel goes bare™ LIVE course with two (fun!) lawyers for the price of one!! The doors close TOMORROW!


Protect your biz and have fun doing it.
Join us now!

We can’t wait to welcome you to Damsel goes bare™