Legal Chat Specialist
for Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

Position Overview: 

Are you a health coach who is passionate about holistic wellness?

Looking for a part-time side gig using coaching skills in an important, essential client-facing role?

Are you a heartfelt communicator?

Do you have great active listening skills?

Are you intuitive, yet detail-oriented?

Are you in love with women-owned online businesses and want to serve one in a higher way?

We’re expanding our team to serve the Legal Love ™ Community in a higher and more complete way, and we may be looking for someone just like you!

We’re looking for a whip-smart-yet-loving Legal Chat Specialist.

This position’s primary focus is to conduct our free 20-Minute Legal Chats for prospective clients! Sounds like kind of a big deal, right? It is!

Duties and Responsibilities:

Our Legal Chat Specialist will be carefully conducting our free 20-minute Legal Chats to prospective clients, effectively communicating the details of those Chats with Lisa and the team and following up with next steps for the prospective client.

What is a Legal Chat?

A Legal Chat is a free 20-minute consultation offered to help identify a potential client’s next steps.

Many people are terrified of the law, so they come to the Legal Chat scared or nervous.

It is designed to gather more information so that we can point them to the right solution.

It is:

  • Not a typical “sales call.”
  • Not about getting the client to “close” or make a decision on the spot.
  • Not giving legal advice.
  • Not to share what the Legal Chat Specialist “thinks” is the right answer to legal questions.

The purpose of a Legal Chat is to:

  • Make the potential client feel heard, seen and loved up.
  • Gather information about them and their business.
  • Support them afterwards with the right legal steps.

This is where your coaching role of listening, taking notes and encouraging them to relax will come into play!

Here’s what we’ll need your excellent support with:


  • Be the voice of Lisa’s brand and convey her services and philosophy to potential clients.
  • Lovingly but effectively conduct each Legal Chat by holding space, validating their concerns, recording their questions and making them feel more at ease.
  • Follow a preset script and structure for Legal Chats while also being flexible to uphold the integrity of the call.
  • Take copious notes during the Legal Chat to get a clear picture of the potential client’s situation and ask clarifying questions so your notes are thorough.
  • Have the confidence and leadership to lead the conversation and uphold ethical and legal boundaries.
  • Hold Legal Chats on time, on schedule and with loving boundaries so clients don’t extend calls longer than their scheduled time.
  • Carefully draft and convey the Legal Chat notes to the team.
  • Email the client clear next steps based on Lisa’s recommendations.
  • Be available by email for Legal Chat follow-up questions and communicate effectively with the team and then back to the potential client.


  • Prepare each Legal Chat Prep Sheet prior to the call.
  • Have preset calendar availability up to 2 months in advance for holding Legal Chats on a weekly basis.
  • Record completed tasks on a spreadsheet and use our Slack team communication management system.
  • Serve as backup to provide prompt and helpful customer service with a high level of Legal Love™ as needed.


Role on the Team:

As part of the Legal Love Team, you’ll be part of a powerhouse woman-owned business team that requires a high level of excellence in everything we do.

Legally and ethically, only Lisa can make the legal recommendations for clients. This policy protects you, Lisa and the clients.

This role is to be like the “cruise director” of Lisa’s business – to lovingly talk with them, to show the potential clients around and help them feel welcome, to talk to them about general information about Lisa that is readily available on her website – but to not actually steer the ship.

We’re here to train you thoroughly on the business, but we need your high-level coaching skills in addition to your clear communication skills to love up Lisa’s community.


Skills & Abilities:

  • Health or wellness coach certification or training – required.
  • Outstanding communication and collaboration skills with potential and current clients and within the team in a way that is respectful, clear and timely.
  • Openness to learning and developing new skills.
  • Desire and ability to guide and help others in their problem-solving journey.
  • Exemplify strong values of love, inclusion, diversity, patience for those with differing beliefs, and support of our philosophy that “all are welcome here.”
  • Ability to create and execute independently without being micro-managed, but also open to following our specific processes and procedures.
  • Willingness to immerse yourself in understanding our specific audience.
  • Attention to detail and an eye for excellence and quality.
  • Be not only an A-player but a team player for a harmonious virtual environment with the team as we meet goals and deadlines – together.
  • Show a high level of maturity.
  • Above all, be inspired as you roll up your sleeves and bring your talent to support this amazing business.

EXPERIENCE: (preferred but not necessary – we will offer training for you):

  • Simplero
  • Google Drive & Mail
  • OnceHub/ScheduleOnce
  • JotForm
  • Slack
  • Zoom


  • Your own computer
  • Consistent and strong internet access/Wifi
  • Your own phone and phone number for conducting the Legal Chats
  • Your own Zoom account for international Legal Chats

Hours and Compensation:


This position is as an independent contractor. It requires between 15 – 25 hours per month but has the ability to grow. Must be available to hold calls and send/return emails during normal daytime workday hours based on your schedule.

We understand you’ll have other commitments but we’re also looking for someone who can regularly be available for booked appointments to provide some rhythm for you and for the team.

At the start you’ll need to be available for Legal Chat Specialist training calls.




$50 / hour or commensurate with experience.

How to Apply:

Applications are now closed.

We may request additional information later for select candid

Want to learn more about us? Keep reading!

About Us:

Lisa Fraley Legal Coach helps coaches, entrepreneurs & practitioners get legally covered and feel safe & secure to create anything they want.

We believe the law is spiritual too… which is why we align legal steps with the chakras.

You can legally protect your income, work and brand and raise your energetic vibe too.

Meet Lisa:

Lisa Fraley is Legal Coach® & Attorney and…

  • former health care attorney in a large corporate law firm
  • certified health & life coach through IIN and CoachU
  • alchemist who brings love and positive energy into law
  • heart-centered online business owner and Holistic Lawyer®
  • #1 bestselling author on Amazon in 3 categories for “Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good For Your Soul”
  • gemini, world traveler, speaker and avocado toast lover

To learn more about Lisa, click here.

Our Core Values:

We’re looking for someone who can honor and align with our core values of:

Acceptance – We work hard but also recognize that we are all individuals who have different feelings, needs and life goals.

Achievement – We’re ambitious and take pride in setting and achieving aligned goals with excellence and ease.

Courage – It can sometimes be scary to be an entrepreneur and we recognize the risk and courage it takes to try new things as we grow and expand.

Equality – We spread Legal Love equally to our fellow business owners and to all individuals, and we need everyone on our team to value equality among all people.

Exploration & Travel – We’re adding global retreats so we value time away from the office to curate adventures for our clients and to explore the world.

Honor – We honor you as an individual and we do what we can to make this position work for you so long as you can get the job done in a timely way – and we ask that you do the same for us.

Love – Our clients come to us worried, scared and afraid. Our primary role is to treat our clients and potential clients with love and care so they can feel empowered, strong and confident after working with us around law, life and business.

Openness – We hold the value of being open and loving so that people of all different backgrounds, races, religions, orientations, national origins, and self-identities feel welcomed.

Respect – We approach all people with respect, even if there are disagreeing perspectives, and we value others who honor the same.

Service – We’ve helped thousands of business owners put basic legal protections in place and plan to continue serving coaches, holistic professionals, licensed practitioners, online entrepreneurs and other small business owners so that they can make a powerful impact in the world.