[Legal Checklist] Save money on legal documents starting Monday!

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Blog

This time of year I focus on what I’m grateful for and how I can give back.🙏

I love to give to charities and worthy causes. (After all, I used to work in non-profits for years to raise money for health & human services and college scholarships!)

I love giving back to YOU as part of our Legal Love™ community.🥰

Soooo we’re having an annual Giving Thanks Celebration Sale again this year!

It’s my way of saying “I appreciate you!” as we head into the holiday season.

Starting Monday 11/6, you can save 30% off all DIY Legal Templates!

👀 Keep an eye on your email Monday morning for your 30% off coupon code.



So, between now and Monday, take 5 minutes to do an inventory of your current legal docs and identify any legal gaps.

Then, starting Monday, get ready to fill the gaps, uplevel your legal docs, protect yourself, and check these pumpkins off your list! 


✅ Do you have solid Website Terms and Conditions on your website to protect your intellectual property if someone swipes your text or images? 

✅ Do you have a Website Disclaimer to tell people you’re not giving medical advice?

✅ Do you have a strong clear Client Agreement to protect your income from 1-on-1 clients?

✅ Do you have a Privacy Policy on your site? (It’s required if you even collect names & email addresses for your opt-ins or do social media ads.)

✅ Do you have Terms of Use for your purchasers to agree to when they buy your group programs or self-study products?

✅ Do you have Affiliate Terms and Conditions for your affiliates promoting your courses?

✅ Do you have a Client Agreement for Small Groups and Masterminds to cover your hybrid/combo program (which has group calls AND 1-on-1 calls)?

✅ Do you have the Overnight Retreat Agreement if you want host retreats in Bali or Tulum in 2024?

✅ Do you have other offers or partnerships or events you want to hold next year and you’re feeling legally exposed? (We likely have a template you can use!)

While you’re doing an inventory and identifying your legal needs, also take a sec to think about how you want to feel starting off in 2024…

Imagine starting off the year feeling:

  • safe and secure that your legal documents have your back
  • grounded knowing you have a strong legal foundation
  • courageous and bold (not holding yourself back anymore!)
  • confident and assured because you’re doing it legally “right”

Feels good, yes?

Here’s how you can honor yourself (and your business), protect your income, and give your biz a strong legal foundation. Take advantage of our once-a-year Giving Thanks Celebration Sale next week starting Monday.

I am so grateful for you… from the bottom of my heart.❣️

I’m sending so much Legal Love to you and I can’t wait for you to benefit from the Sale starting Monday!