Legal FAQs for book authors & writers

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Easy Legal Steps Bestselling Book, Podcasts

Are you thinking about writing a book?

(I once heard that 80% of entrepreneurs say “yes” when asked if they want to write a book, but don’t quote me.)

It can be scary to write a book wondering if you’re going to inadvertently offend someone or, worse yet, have someone sue you.

Not sure if you can mention your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or write about your former 9-5 job and your horrendous boss?

Worried you might write something that could get you in trouble?

Last year, I wrote “Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul”, so I understand first-hand the legal worries and publishing concerns of an author.

And since I am a lawyer, I also know how to help you avoid legal pitfalls when writing a book so that you can keep yourself – and your manuscript! – out of legal trouble.

Whether you’ve been dreaming about writing a book about health, wellness, nutrition, functional medicine, exercise, essential oils, herbs, supplements, online sales, marketing, branding or running a business or your own life story (to be made into a Hallmark movie, of course – just kidding!), you want to be sure you’re covering your buns.

It doesn’t matter – whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, what kind of entrepreneur you are or what is the subject matter is of your book…this episode is for you.

I wanted to compile the 6 questions (because 6 FAQs are WAY more interesting than 5, right?) about what you can write IN your book.

I want you to get the legal scoop BEFORE you publish your book.

Listen to the Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 41 to learn 6 questions from authors and the answers that can help keep you legally safe.

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In this episode I share:

  • Whether or not you should copyright your book
  • How to file for a registered copyright
  • How to not get in trouble when you write about other people in your book
  • Whether or not you can use the real names of other people
  • How to handle writing about famous people in your book
  • How to safely include well-known products or brand names
  • Why I align copyrighting with the throat chakra

And be sure to grab Episode 41’s Tip Sheet HERE so you can have it handy as a reference when you dive into typing out your manuscript.

Listen to this episode so you can feel “in the know”, legally speaking, as you write and publish your book.

Here’s to hunkering down to write your book AND to keeping yourself legally safe at the same time!