Do you have a website (or are planning to do so soon?)

Are you on social media?

Do you have an online group program or course?

Cover your buns with these first legal steps you need:

Legal Starter Kit #2: Group Programs or Online Courses.

what is the legal starter kit #2:
group programs or online courses?

The Legal Starter Kit #2: Group Programs or Online Courses gives you the first legal steps you need to get legally covered when you have a website, are on social media and have an online group program or course. It includes:

DIY Terms of Use – the sales terms for purchasers of group programs, self-study online courses or info products to read and agree to BEFORE they click “buy now” on your site. (Note – this is not for 1-on-1 services or combo programs that include group and 1-on-1 support).


DIY Mini-Disclaimer – a short disclaimer to protect your PDFs and social media pages.


DIY Website Disclaimer – a longer disclaimer for your website so people don’t get confused and come after you.

DIY Website Terms & Conditions – a detailed legal document to protect your website content, text and images.

DIY Privacy Policy – a GDPR-compliant privacy policy about how you’ll keep website visitors’ personal info safe & confidential.

why do you need it?

Heart BulletSo you can have detailed, thorough language that disclaims your liability, spells out your sales terms and protects your website content and visitors’ privacy.

Heart BulletSo you protect your unique website content and your course materials.

Heart BulletSo you include your refund policy and online commerce terms.

Heart BulletSo you comply with certain laws and social media policies.

Heart BulletSo you have tight legal language to fall back in writing if someone swipes your website copy or doesn’t pay you.

And, most importantly, so you can feel safe, secure, confident and empowered
to create anything that you want!

what’s included?

Each DIY template includes:

  • Legal Template – for you to download and complete

Heart Bullet Thorough – but simple to personalize for your business

Heart Bullet In plain English so it’s easy to understand

Heart Bullet Created with deep care and Legal Love™

  • Audio Guide – to walk you through the template. You fill in the blanks and it’s ready to use! In just 1 hour, you will learn:

Heart Bullet What it says and where to customize it

Heart Bullet How it protects you

Heart Bullet When to use it

Heart Bullet How to use it

This DIY package is designed to give you legal templates that you can customize on your own and use immediately on your site. Know that it won’t create an attorney-client relationship between us and it is not personalized legal advice, but it’s an easy way to get your Mini-Disclaimer, Website Disclaimer, Website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in place quickly… with lots of Legal Love™!

can I really do it myself?

Yes, you can! Every DIY legal template is written in plain English and can be completed in 60 minutes or less.
Listen to the audio guide and follow along as I read the document aloud, and you’ll easily see where to fill in the blanks for your business.

the investment?

 one payment of $1297

four payments of $327

Important Note:
Please note that these documents are legal templates to complete and personalize yourself. They do not create an attorney-client relationship and are not to be construed as legal advice. Always have a local attorney review any legal document that you use in your business to be sure they comply with your state and local laws. Lisa is licensed as an attorney in the State of Ohio.

After getting my Terms of Use on my site, I felt so much relief. I wanted to make sure I had everything in place before putting my online course out into the world. I kept pushing the thought to the back of my mind. That didn’t do anything, except take up energetic space. I followed my intuition and reached out to Lisa and it was the best thing I could’ve done for my business. I can’t even put into words how much freedom I felt after getting my Terms of Use on my site. Lisa is a Legal Angel!

- Lindsay Marino

Psychic Medium, Radio Host and Creator of “Unlock Your Intuition”

Thinking of hosting an online course or program? Talk to Lisa first! As we launched our program for health professionals, we were so fortunate to find Lisa Fraley. We loved that she immediately understood our unique mission and that she offered us turnkey ways to safeguard our brand. She embodies all the wonderful, warm, caring qualities of a health coach with the wisdom and experience of a trained lawyer.

- Dr. Barbara Bolen and Kathleen Bradley


Lisa, you are so fantastic! Your Terms of Use to help us protect our online course is awesome and the Website Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are such a relief to have in place. We feel so proud, secure and grounded to have these documents – and we feel really professional. This is an investment we never will regret!!

- Silje Tuxen Thingvoll

Natural Health Care Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Muscle Therapist & Reflexologist

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