Legal coverage for coaches and creatives

by | May 5, 2017 | Blog

If you’re a coach or creative, there’s something you need to know about legal protections: they’re different for you.

Let’s be honest: you always knew you were a special soul with a totally one-of-a-kind personality,  and full of brilliance to offer the world.

You’re unique and so is your business. When it comes to the law, your work is different than other service providers.

You want to be sure that your contracts and legal protections cover how you work specifically. There are 3 main differences to keep in mind.

1. How you book clients:

When you work with 1:1 clients, you need a contract that is unlike any other. Because relationships are at the core of your business, you’ll need agreements that lay out the expectations of your client relationship.

Not only do you want to state the basics like what will you get paid and what’s included in  your program, but you also want to be clear about how much “access” your client has to you and how you want your clients to show up fully during your calls.

There is NO other business arrangement quite like coaching, so you’ll need an agreement that is specifically written to cover your expectations  (and that’s why generic documents just don’t cut it).

We get it, and we have a client agreement template especially for you.

2. How you protect your intellectual property:

As a creative, you’re in a unique position of having to protect not just yourself, but your work. Your work IS your intellectual property, so how can you make sure no one’s stealing or running off with your website content?

In Damsel goes bare™ – the FULL or the LITE course – we’ll tell you what you need to protect your website content – and we give you the EXACT legal language and templates to use on your website.

3. How you achieve results:

If you create online courses or programs, chances are they’re intended to help clients get certain “results,” and that’s a wonderful thing.

However, as you know, when it comes to online courses, the results are not dependent solely on what you’re delivering. They are MORE dependent on what the client accomplishes themselves and how they implement what they learn by taking action steps to change their lives.

If they’re not doing the work, no matter how fantastic your course is or how much money they paid you, you cannot be held responsible for their results. #truth

But, how do you say that legally and in writing?

We’ve got the specific language you need in our Terms of Use for your online courses and group programs so that you’re not being held responsible for your clients getting certain results.

In our legal course Damsel goes bare™, we bare it all! *gasp*

Our 6-week long legal education course gives you ALL of the legal protection you need if you’re a coach or creative – to cover your 1:1 clients, website protection and online courses.

Not only that, but in our LIVE 6-week course where we cover 1 legal topic a week, we’ve got your back because we answer your questions in weekly Q&A calls and in the Facebook group, and you receive videos & powerpoints about each of the legal protections so you feel crystal clear when  getting your documents in place.

If you’re a coach or a creative, Damsel goes bare™ FULL is EXACTLY what you need to thoroughly protect yourself and your work.

And you get us to help you right through it – with lots of love and support!

(But hurry! The cart closes on Monday at 11:59 pm ET!)