Legal documents give you superpowers (book released TOMORROW!)

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Easy Legal Steps Bestselling Book

This may sound crazy.

I believe legal documents give you special superpowers. (Just roll with it!)

When you have strong legal documents for your biz, you don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to draw lines and establish expectations as the king or queen of your business.

With your documents backing you, you don’t have to get sucked into drama with a client. You know you are backed by your documents so you can respond rationally.

You can honor your written policies and boundaries with greater ease when they are in writing and all spelled out. That gives you the confidence and security you need when you’re reigning over your business.

Legal documents give you superpowers…like confidence, strength and courage. (And who doesn’t want superpowers?!)


For example, if you suddenly receive an e-mail from a panicked client who is in a tizzy, you don’t have to absorb that energy or get drawn into the tizzy yourself.

You can remain neutral, safe, and comfortable. You can turn to your documents for grounded support. Legal documents give you the power to say “no” while staying emotionally neutral in a trying situation.

Legal documents allow you to respond to conflicts with your head held high.

Knowing your documents already have your policies spelled out in writing, you give yourself the time and space to compose your thoughts and emotions before you respond to your tizzy client. You know you have legal support at your back, and it allows you to relax and deepen into your power and authority.

Look at what happened with my client Alexa:

My client Alexa told me one day that she felt instantly empowered getting her Client Agreement, Website Disclaimer, Website Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use and she got clear about the policies of her business.

When a client asked her for a refund for a program (she had a a no-refund policy), she told me she felt comfortable firmly and lovingly holding her ground by saying simply, “The Terms of Use for my group program has a no-refund policy, which you agreed to when you signed up at the start of the course, and that’s the policy of my business.”

For Alexa, it was easy to stand behind the clarity of her position and policy because it was a consistent business policy that she honored. She didn’t have to get into a back and forth emotional conversation with her client. Her policy was spelled out in writing, and she could easily refer the client to the section where the policy was stated.

Alexa could respond with dignity, integrity, power and ease. She didn’t have to struggle wondering if she was making the right choice.

(See, I told you that legal documents give you superpowers!)

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Have YOU ever had to deal with a tizzy client? Have you felt more confident because you had your legal documents to back you? I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to hit reply or share with me on the blog.

Here’s to legal superpowers and handling tizzy clients with confidence and grace!