Lisa’s Top 7 Travel Tips (and a few legal tips too…)

by | Jul 11, 2022 | DIY Legal Templates

I’m all about planning and being prepared as much as possible. How about you?

When you travel, so much is out of your control. Delayed flights. Rainy weather. Pillows that aren’t as fluffy as home on your hotel bed. Whatever it is, we try to roll with things when they happen. But it saves a lot of time and angst and worry and stress when we can plan ahead.

If you follow me on social media, you know that I like to travel. A LOT.

In 2019 we took 17 trips. In 2018, we took 18 trips. Not surprisingly, the pandemic put the landing gear down for travel in 2020 and 2021, but already this year, we’ve spent 5 weeks in Sedona & Scottsdale, AZ and 2 weeks in Germany meeting our new grandson (!).  (You can check out the pics on Instagram here or Facebook here.)

Since summer is upon us and you may be taking a trip near or far, here are some of my best travel tips.


Lisa’s Top 7 Travel Tips:

1. Always travel with snacks.

Since I’m a health coach (as well as a lawyer), you’ll never find me without my own healthy snacks. In my carry-on bag you’ll find Ziploc baggies of almonds, walnuts, bananas, grapes, and vegan organic protein bars. (My faves are Go Macro Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – you can get them at Whole Foods or on Amazon.)Note: If you travel internationally, be sure to eat up any nuts, fruits, veggies, meats or cheeses that you pack as you can’t typically bring these items through customs into foreign countries. You also can’t bring them home to the US through customs either.

2. Drink water so you can hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

If you’re flying, buy a big bottle of water once you’re through security. Or, bring an empty stainless steel container and fill it up once you’re near your gate. The best water is Smartwater because it contains electrolytes which will hydrate you and give you needed minerals.

3. Have your toiletry bag already packed – then grab and go.

Years ago, when I worked for the big law firm, I had to travel weekly between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. To save time, I went out and bought a duplicate hair dryer, brush, makeup, toiletries and hair products and packed them in my toiletry bag and I kept them in my suitcase between trips. I didn’t have to waste time pouring shampoo into those tiny bottles. I didn’t have to try to remember if I had opened my bathroom drawer and packed my brush or not. Everything was already ready to go. It freed up mental space. It saved time. It was a game-changer.

Also, jot down a list of what toiletries you need to refill or replace when you get home. It sounds silly but stash a little notepad and pen in your toiletry bag. When you’re running low on shampoo or you run out of toothpaste at the end of your trip, write down what you need to refill or replace when you get home. Need to pack more Q-tips for next time? More mini-eye cream? More dental floss? Write it down on your notepad. Then when you get home you quickly know what to refill or replace. Fill ‘er up, then stash that refilled toiletry bag back in your suitcase. Time saved. Life made easier.

4. If you go to the same foreign country often, just buy a curling iron there.

For international travel, you have to remember what type of electricity and plugs they use for their electrical outlets. It’s a pain in the petunia. European wattage is different and you literally can set your hair dryer on fire if you don’t use an electricity converter. Even their outlet plugs (and most other countries’ plugs) are shaped differently than in the US. They may be 3-pronged or angled – not our typical US 2-pronged plug. Trying to pack converters for hair dryers, getting the right plugs for curling irons and iPhone chargers is exhausting. A few trips ago to Italy & Germany, I realized my life would be better if I just went to a drug store in Europe and purchased their 25€ curling iron with the right prongs.  Now I pack it every time I go to Europe. That one simple tip has been so stress-relieving.

5. Keep yourself comfy on the plane or in the car.

In your purse/backpack/carry on bag, pack extra socks, toothbrush & toothpaste, hand sanitizer, N95 masks (you still need them on some types of public transportation in Europe, for example), lip balm, hand lotion, nail file, phone charger and headphones/earbuds. If you’re traveling overnight, most airlines will give you a pillow, blanket and sometimes an eye mask or earplugs, but it can’t hurt to bring your own eye mask or noise-canceling headphones for extra comfort.

6. Write down what you plan to wear each day.

Okay, okay, you may think this one is kind of ridiculous, but when I go to conferences to speak (like when I spoke at the Bellagio for Carolin Soldo’s From Passion to Profits Event or in British Columbia for Chantelle Adams’ Shine Live event), I always write down what I’m going to wear day by day. For day: dress, shoes, jewelry, sweater/wrap… even undies. For night: cute top, jeans/pants, shoes, jewelry, sweater/wrap. For the plane:  yoga pants, comfy top, fleece/jacket/layers, running shoes, socks (and extra socks for the carry-on!), jewelry. There is nothing worse than traveling for a biz event and forgetting something crucial… like your dress you’re wearing on stage. Write it all down, for every day you’re there, including travel days. Be that organized and that geeky to write it down. Then pack your list so you remember what you’re going to wear on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the event.  (I admit it. I’m totally geeky. Join me! Super-planning geeks, unite!)

7. Bring cash.

You can buy so many things with credit cards when you travel. Most credit cards are accepted in many countries (though still not American Express). However, bring cash. We usually travel with $400-500 cash on hand. Partly so we can quickly exchange money if in a foreign country. Partly so we’re always able to purchase food, water, gas, whatever – if in the US and we happen to show up somewhere where their credit card machine isn’t working. It’s worth the trip to the bank or ATM to withdraw money before you travel. Always have cash with you. (And, by the way, it’s good to also always have a TSA-approved lock for your suitcase so you can lock up any extra cash if your hotel room doesn’t happen to have a working safe.)

Those are my Top 7 Travel Tips. (You know I like 7s! Just like the 7 chakras…)

It won’t surprise you to hear me say this, but getting legally covered for your biz is like planning ahead for your trip.

Being prepared on the legal front is like packing your snacks, bringing extra socks and carrying cash.

It’s ALWAYS best to be prepared on the front end rather than forgetting your stage-speaking dress on the back end. 

So what are your Legal Tips so you can be prepared on the legal front? Here are my top 7:

1. Get your DIY Client Agreement ready with your program details and refund policy for 1-on-1 clients.

2. Have the DIY Website Protection Package up on your website before you launch it to the world.

3. Put your DIY Terms of Use in your shopping cart for your next online course.

4. If you’re launching a new hybrid program (group calls plus 1-on-1), use the DIY Client Agreement for Small Groups and Masterminds.

5. Use DIY Affiliate Terms & Conditions when signing up new affiliates to promote your work.

6. Use the DIY Agreement for Hiring a Virtual Assistant when bringing your new VA on board.

7. If you’re bringing a coach onto your team, use the DIY Hiring a Coach as a Team Member Agreement.

(If you need any of these legal documents above, you can get them all on our DIY Legal Templates page here.) 

If you have questions about travel tips – or legal tips – feel free to reach out. Just comment below. We read all of your responses and we’ll get back to you.

Here’s to your next summer adventure – and to being prepared for travel AND on the legal front!