Work with one-on-one clients but you don’t have a contract?


Don’t wing it without having a solid agreement in writing.


A Client Agreement helps you EXPAND your income
so you get paid.

what is it?

Client Agreement is the contract you use with one-on-one clients that spells out your client policies so clients show up and pay you!

Client Agreements are used for one-on-one services. (If you offer group programs or online courses, you’ll need Terms of Use for Online Programs + Products!)

Trust me, you have serious income to protect.

When you have your Client Agreement up to date, all of a sudden you feel ready to enroll your next client. Your program details and policies are clear and in writing, and when you have it in place, your next client knows where to land.

Your Client Agreement is a GIFT to you – and also your clients.

It helps YOU:

Heart Bulletlimit your liability because it contains your disclaimers & limitations.

Heart Bulletprotect your time, money and energy with key legal language.

Heart Bulletstop missed payments so no more chasing down money!

Heart Bullethave a written refund policy that’s super-clear.

Heart Bulletavoid headaches and awkwardness about missed calls or appointments.

Heart Bulletattract stronger clients by creating clearer energetic boundaries.

Your contract really needs to be personalized for you and your programs.

The generic contract from your school or training program isn’t going to cut it for long because it is designed for EVERYONE using your school’s exact sample program. Unless you are using a generic cookie-cutter program with every single client, your contract really needs to cover the details of your unique programs.

Your Client Agreement protects you in PRACTICAL ways with written legal language to fall back on, AND SPIRITUALLY it supports your sacral chakra by raising your energetic frequency to attract more of what you want and EXPANDING your money, creativity, and abundance.

why do you need it?

So your clients SHOW UP FOR YOU at their best – and PAY YOU.

So your clients know the “rules of the game” up front.
So your clients get better results.
So you can avoid awkward, uncomfortable conversations later.
So you and your clients have ALL of the details in writing.

For the cost of ONE high-end client, you get a Client Agreement that you can use over and over again with future clients.

It’s the Client Agreement that keeps on giving!
(See, I told you that Client Agreements are GIFTS, didn’t I?)

what’s included?

The Luxe Client Agreement Package includes:

  • Client Agreement – Written agreement for 1 specific one-on-one program that you offer that includes ALL of YOUR expectations, boundaries, policies, and how to peacefully resolve disputes.
  • Client Agreement Prep Sheet – Helpful questions to help you discover your policies around payments, missed calls, communication, etc. for your program. (My clients say this Prep Sheet ALONE is invaluable to get clear about your boundaries!)
  • 30-Minute Prep Call – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to gather important info about you and your business & to ask any questions.
  • 60-Minute Walk Through Call & Coaching Session – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to walk through your document, infuse it with your energy, coach through any fears & answer your questions.
  • E-mail Support for 6 Months – Extra Legal Love™ through e-mail coaching and support, as needed, over the next 6 months.

the investment?

1 payment of $1797

3 payments of $607

6 payments of $307

already have a contract and you need to have it reviewed?

You can have your Client Agreement reviewed by a legal set of eyes to let you know if your bases are covered, if there are any gaps and if revisions are needed to bring it up to speed.

You’ll receive feedback by e-mail, and have your questions answered.

(Please note that revising your Client Agreement could end up costing you MORE because typically it takes longer to review a contract, identify any missing language, and then propose revisions. Sometimes you are better off starting over from scratch.)

If a quote for revisions is provided, it will based on the amount work to be done. Little work = small quote. Bigger work = bigger quote. Fair and logical, right?

1 payment of $497

(contract revision not included)

“I have never had a better experience working with a lawyer than I have with Lisa Fraley. Going through the process of setting up a Client Agreement with Lisa made it clear to me the logistics of my programs. It helped immensely when talking through my program with clients without getting stuck! Gone are the days where I may not have been entirely clear about my programs, and losing confidence in my work while talking to a potential client. Now every conversation is filled with the confidence that I know I can deliver on my programs! Thank you Lisa!!”

- Toréa Rodriguez

Vitality Transformation Coach

“I don’t have to worry about clients missing payments anymore! I used to struggle with clients who didn’t pay me on time and it caused me a lot of stress. Talking with Lisa about using a Client Agreement made me more comfortable drawing boundaries with my clients and stepping into a strong leadership role as their health coach. I now feel more confident and secure knowing that I have set the rules for my client relationships and we have decided from the start what happens if they miss a session or a payment. Everything is clear and up front!”

- Shayna Mahoney

Certified Transformational Holistic Health Coach

”Lisa’s personal attention made all the difference! I worked with Lisa on my Client Agreement for my 90-Day Program and I was concerned at first that my clients would be scared if I presented them with a legal contract, but Lisa’s personal attention in her Walk Through Call made me feel comfortable and confident because I now understand exactly what the contract says, so I can explain it to my clients and feel good about giving it to them.”

- Tracy Neely

Women's Health and Wellness Coach

“Lisa came up with things I couldn’t have even imagined on my own to include in my Client Agreement. My contract was complicated due to my Acupuncture license and the fact that I’m also a coach. Lisa went way beyond during our phone session, making sure she understood all the nuances and worked up a contract the next day. Wow! I am really glad to have this clarity and protection for me, my patients and my business.“

- Kara Sorenson

Acupuncturist & Coach

have questions?

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