Have a website or launching one soon?

Don’t leave your website legally naked!

Your FIRST STEP to protect yourself online is a

Website Disclaimer.

what is it?

A  Website Disclaimer  is your most basic level of website protection. The ground floor. The legal foundation.

It can feel scary wondering if someone is going to read something on your website and apply it to their life or business in the wrong way – and then come after you!

A Website Disclaimer gives you:

Heart BulletCourage – especially when you are just starting out or launching a new site and you feel totally exposed.

Heart BulletClarity – by letting people know your policies exactly what you DO (and DON’T DO) as a coach or entrepreneur.

Heart BulletSafety, security, and groundedness – that are associated with the root chakra.

why do you need it?

So people don’t get confused about what you do and come after you. It’s as simple as that.

Your Website Disclaimer gives you detailed, thorough language that disclaims your liability.

More importantly, it tells visitors that you give helpful tools and tips on and through your website, but they need to use their own judgment before applying anything to their own life or business.

It also gives clear disclaimers prepared by someone who “gets” coaches and entrepreneurs (rather than random cut-and-paste legal language that you found on the internet that could leave huge holes in your protection.)

what’s included?

The Luxe Website Disclaimer Package includes:

  • Website Disclaimer – Over 4 pages of hearty disclaimer language that will be visible from every page of your site.
  • Website Disclaimer Prep Sheet – Questions to dive into your education, background & business and help you look at your expertise from all angles.
  • 30-Minute Prep Call – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to gather important info about you and your business & to ask any questions.
  • 60-Minute Walk Through Call + Coaching Session – One-on-one phone call with Lisa to walk through your document, infuse it with your energy, coach through any fears & answer your questions.
  • Directions for Adding Your Disclaimer to Your Website – Directions to send to your website designer for proper placement on your site.
  • Lifetime Revision of Your Website Disclaimer – Unlimited updates and tweaks to the document should your business focus change anytime in the future.
  • E-mail Support for 6 Months – Extra Legal Love™ through e-mail coaching and support, as needed, over the next 6 months. Yep, that’s right!

the investment?

1 payment of $1297

5 payments of $267

“Lisa broke down the legal language in steps I could easily understand. I felt secure that because Lisa was a Health Coach herself, so she understood what I needed for my online business. I worked with Lisa on creating a Disclaimer for my website. It was a quick, professional and friendly experience. She broke down the legal language in steps I could easily understand. Throughout, Lisa was professional, knowledgeable, personable and would put in whatever extra was required while paying great attention to detail. I feel confident that I am protected in my business.”

- Tania Pinto

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach

“When I first read through my Website Disclaimer, I was excited because it felt official – and it was so easy to understand! I was expecting the legal language to be really confusing because in other legal documents I usually tuned out in the first minute because the words didn’t make sense, but Lisa did it in a way that I could understand so I could also explain it to my clients if needed.”

- Rachelle Lopez

Passion Coach

“I feel more protected and more professional now. I contacted Lisa because I was concerned I was vulnerable because I didn’t have any legal protections in place. By putting a personalized Disclaimer on my website, I not only felt more protected but I also felt it increased my professionalism as a Health Coach focused on weight loss and emotional eating. Lisa helped put my mind at ease and working with her was an enjoyable experience.”

- Gigi Gravel

Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Breakthrough Coach

have questions?

Schedule a free 20-minute Legal Chat to ask any questions about this package.

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP

Legal Coach® & Attorney for Entrepreneurs
Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC

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