Lots of juicy content on your website?

Do you have an opt-in or e-newsletter?

You need a Website Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy

to protect your heartfelt brand & your website content and keep personal info from website visitors safe & confidential.

what is it?

Website Terms and Conditions is the legal language on your website that tells your website visitors the rules about using your site.

Your website is the heart and soul of your brand, so this is the language that protects your WEBSITE CONTENT – including blog posts, sales pages, about page, work-with-me page, and even your opt-in gift – everything that you post on your site!

Your Website Terms & Conditions let people know what they CAN – and CAN’T – do with your content on your site.

So they know what legally happens if they copy or swipe anything without your permission.

Most spiritual entrepreneurs are truly open and generous and want to freely share your work in service with the world. But, YOU should be the one who gets to decide how your heartfelt work is used. It’s NOT cool if someone takes your website copy and claims it as their own without your permission. (It’s also considered theft.)

You can keep your heart open AND retain your ownership rights to the work you have poured hours of love, sweat and tears into creating. It can be an “AND”.

Your Website Terms & Conditions is a very thorough document that fiercely protects your intellectual property and website content like a Mama Lion protects her baby cubs.

Your Privacy Policy talks about how you protect other people’s privacy.

Your Privacy Policy explains how you will keep information confidential that is shared with you, like names and e-mail addresses, when people join your tribe or grab your e-newsletter or opt-in gift.

It also includes key language about spamming, unsubscribing, and storing information that you need to have to follow the law.

If you collect information from people who visit your site, it is essential – even legally required at times by federal and state law (and social media sites!) – to have a Privacy Policy. No joke!

The Website Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy protect you in PRACTICAL ways, AND also SPIRITUALLY strengthens your boundaries because YOU get clear about where you draw your lines in honoring your creative work which supports your heart chakra.

why do you need it?

You need a Website Terms & Conditions…

Heart BulletSo others know that they can’t copy, use, steal or make money from your website. In any way. Ever. (Unless you give them permission, of course.)

Heart BulletSo you protect your unique content.

Heart BulletSo you draw clear lines about your intellectual property rights.

Heart BulletSo you have written policies to turn to if someone does copy your work.

Heart BulletSo you create a stronger energetic container for your work.

You need a Privacy Policy…

Heart BulletSo others know that you honor confidentiality.

Heart BulletSo you comply with certain laws and social media policies.

Heart BulletSo you give assurance that you will protect personally-identifiable info.

Heart BulletSo you build trust with your website visitors and clients.

Heart BulletSo you show respect and care for information that is entrusted to you.

what’s included?

The Website Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy Package includes BOTH the Website Terms & Conditions AND the Privacy Policy:

  • Website Terms and Conditions – a very thorough and robust document to protect your website content and intellectual property that is ready to post on your site.
  • Privacy Policy – the exact language you need to assure your website visitors you will keep their info confidential, secure, and private.
  • Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy Prep Sheet – to gather info about exactly what you want to protect and and what you will allow to be shared from your website.
  • 30-Minute Prep Call – One-on-one call with Lisa by phone to gather some key info about you and your website content and positions on sharing information.
  • 60-Minute Walk Through Call + Coaching Session – One-on-one call with Lisa by phone to walk through your document, infuse it with your energy, coach through any fears & answer your questions.
  • E-mail Support for 6 Months – Extra Legal Love™ through e-mail coaching and support, as needed, for the next 6 months.
  • Directions for Adding Your Website Terms & Conditions to Your Website that you can give to your website designer.

the investment?

1 payment of $2497

6 payments of $427

10 payments of $257

“Working with Lisa has been one of my best business decisions thus far. The Terms & Conditions are easy to understand – you don’t have to read them five times. They are clear which is important so people are clear about what it says, yet it still sounds formal and legal. I read other Privacy Policies online and thought I could write my own, but as I tried, I realized I didn’t know as much as I thought, so it is such a relief to have Lisa prepare them for me. She makes the legal stuff clear, fun and easy.”

- Joan Bender

Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Owner, Food & Mood Coaching, LLC

have questions?

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Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP

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