Mini Course starts Monday! Don’t miss getting your disclaimers for your website and social media.

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Website Disclaimer

If I had a dollar for every self-study course or DIY product that my entrepreneurial friends tell me that they’ve not started or only finished halfway, I would have as much money as MacKenzie Scott. Sheesh!

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE self-studies and DIYs!

That’s why I’ve created over 40 DIY Legal Templates since 2012 which have helped thousands of coaches, entrepreneurs and practitioners get legally covered 24/7 for way less money than what a traditional lawyer would charge you.

But, over the years, I’ve heard several people say, “Can I really fill out the Legal Templates myself?”

I get it. Legal documents can seem confusing.

Some have wondered, “Am I doing it right?” or “Would I mess it up if I edited this section?”

I knew that this year I wanted to create an affordable way to virtually be right beside you as you fill out some of the Templates. (Get it? “Virtually” as in “almost” and also meaning “through Zoom”. I love plays on words. #totaldork)

Enter the new Legal Love™ Mini Course!

Join me this Monday to receive 2 DIY disclaimers for your website & social media PLUS 2 “done-with-you” workshops where you’ll fill out the docs with me LIVE via Zoom.

I’ll walk you through what the templates say and hold the space for you to fill in the blanks. You can get your disclaimers DONE on the spot.

No need to put it off anymore.



You can benefit from this 2-week Mini Course:

If you’re on Instagram…

If you have a Facebook page…

If you do Facebook or Instagram ads…

If you post articles on LinkedIn…

If you have a website landing page…

If you create YouTube videos…

If you host webinars…

If you have any kind of website…

And you don’t have legal language in place to create clarity for your readers and to cover your buns.

Getting legally covered with the appropriate disclaimers helps you feel safe and secure as you share content on social media and your website.

Disclaimers, not surprisingly, disclaim your liability and let your readers know that the info you post isn’t medical advice or psychological advice.

I also align disclaimers with the root chakra because they help you feel grounded as you’re sharing your content with the world.

Join this Mini Course to get your disclaimers done and feel more grounded. 

It’s just a 2 week course – short and sweet. I can’t wait to start!

See you in the course on Monday!

This is a live course and I’m not sure when I’ll be offering it again. Don’t miss out! We start on Monday… Sign up today.