You’ll want a Mini-Disclaimer on everything that you do or write
so you can have some protective language in place
so you can cover your buns and feel safe
to create anything that you want.

A Mini-Disclaimer is a term to identify the language you need to use
on the bottom of your PDFs, program guides, event handouts, Powerpoint slides
and on your social media page sidebars – basically, everything but your website
For your website, you’ll want to use a longer, full Website Disclaimer, but on your other materials, you’ll want a smaller Mini-Disclaimer to put your clients, purchasers, readers, and attendees on notice.

Your DIY Mini-Disclaimer Package includes:

  • Mini-Disclaimer Template – for you to download and complete

Heart Bullet Thorough – but simple to personalize for your business

Heart Bullet In plain English so it’s easy to understand

Heart Bullet Created with deep care and Legal Love™

  • Audio Guide – to walk you through the template. You fill in the blanks and it’s ready to use! In just 1 hour, you will learn:

Heart Bullet What it says and where to customize it

Heart Bullet How it protects you

Heart Bullet When to use it

Heart Bullet How to use it


This DIY package is designed to give you a legal template that you can customize on your own and use immediately on your site. Know that it won’t create an attorney-client relationship between us and it is not personalized legal advice, but it’s an easy way to get your Mini-Disclaimer in place quickly… with lots of Legal Love™!


“Having a Disclaimer gives me added confidence and lets me relax! As a nutritional counselor and health coach, I know that I help my clients. However, at times I’ve found myself holding back out of concern for my legal safety.  A disclaimer commands respect from my clients because it creates boundaries about what I will and won’t do as a nutritional counselor. It is a great first step for working with clients.”

Margaret Connor


I feel like I am finally safe to market my business the way I’ve wanted to because there’s more clarity about what I do/do not offer. I’m super thankful to work with someone as kind and perceptive as Lisa!”

Erin Armstrong

Accounting Software Expert & Small Biz Accounting Coach

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Important Note:
Please note that this document is a legal template to complete and personalize yourself. It does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not to be construed as legal advice. Always have a local attorney review any legal document that you use in your business to be sure they comply with your state and local laws. Lisa is licensed as an attorney in the State of Ohio.

Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is an acclaimed attorney, Legal Coach®, speaker, and sought-after expert on small business law. With her unique blend of coaching, legal expertise, and spirituality, Lisa has supported thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect themselves, their businesses and their brands.

From sharing international stages with thought leaders like Kris Carr and Gabrielle Bernstein to being featured on hundreds of podcasts, webinars, radio shows and bonus calls, Lisa has made it her mission to help every single small business owner understand that the law can be accessible, empowering, loving, and even spiritual. When she’s not saving the world with Legal Love™ one contract at a time, Lisa enjoys hiking, running and snowshoeing with her husband Scott. Learn more and get free legal tips at